The Miz & Maryse Featured On TMZ On TV

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The Miz and Maryse, his girlfriend, were featured on Thursday’s episode of TMZ on TV. The former WWE Champion played up his heel character as he responded to a segment on a show last week where a reporter took a swipe at him. The couple was spotted in Los Angeles, where Miz responded to TMZ’s reporter, Charles, saying one WWE star — The Miz — had to die in a scripted movie hunting down Osama bin Laden—this was days before bin Laden was actually killed.

“Really? Am I the Spencer Pratt of WWE, Charles? I’m going to shave Charles’s head next time I see him,” Miz said while Maryse tried not to laugh. “His dreadlocks are going away. If I’m the Spencer Pratt of WWE — the one person that has to die if I go overseas — let me tell you, I’m shaving Charles’s head.” Charles replied from TMZ headquarters that he was writing a script for a movie. “He should be lucky he even got a role in the movie,” Charles said.

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