The RAW Truth – R-Truth Turns Heel

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First of all I would like to welcome everyone who is currently reading my weekly blog, The Raw Truth. This is the first of hopefully many more to come. The concept behind it will be the Monday Night Raw episode of that week; my blog will come out Tuesday/Wednesday and will highlight the main stories/matches of the week and also pass comment on the events.


This weeks RAW came from across the pond and was staged at the O2 arena in London, United Kingdom. The night started with the entrance of R-Truth, the man who one week earlier had earned himself a shot at The Miz & John Cena in a steel cage match at Extreme Rules for the WWE championship. Now it has to be said I’ve never been a massive R-Truth fan, I’ve often felt his character lacked depth and certainly did not warrant main event status at a PPV, however, on Monday night he came out to energize the British crowd only to be confronted by John Morrison. Morrison taunted Truth regarding his fitness levels and his ability to compete at the highest levels in WWE and the offered him the chance to prove himself and place his spot at Extreme Rules on the line against him. Truth foolishly accepted and lost the matchup, what transpired afterward was a vicious and unrelenting attack by Truth leaving the victorious Morrison incapacitated outside of the ring. This sudden heel turn by R-Truth could now take his character where it needs to go in WWE and towards the main event status he has been working towards for the past few years. No doubt eyes will be glued to the television set next week for the unraveling storyline between Truth & Morrison.


The replacement of R-Truth by John Morrison sparked a reaction from the WWE champion, The Miz. The Miz came out with his sidekick Alex Riley and demanded the RAW general manger reverse the decision as he had already prepared for R-Truth and felt the replacement left him in an unjustly predicament. As he waited for his response the music for the Mexican sensation Sin Cara filled the O2 arena and brought he crowd to its feet. Sin Cara was scheduled to face Alex Riley in a singles match but as he entered the ring the former WWE champion and The Miz’s other opponent in the steel cage at Extreme Rules, John Cena, charged the ringside area. At that point the RAW general manger sent in an e-mail which stated that the crowd would now be treated to a tag-team matchup, The Miz & Alex Riley VS John Cena & Sin Cara. I can’t help but feel this match would not have gotten off the ground and been half as entertaining had it not been for Sin Cara and his Lucha Libre style wrestling which quite literally left the crowd in awe of his acrobatic skills and his incredible agility.  The end result was a victory for Cena & Sin Cara, Cara securing the pinfall.


Other matchups on the night were Dolph Ziggler VS Evan Bourne & Sheamus VS Santino Marella. Both these matches acted as fillers on the night with no solid storyline behind either. Ziggler would come out to show off his new look of short dark hair and eventually end up the victor. Sheamus the same came out with a dominating attack in a very much one sided matchup against Marella. Making quick work of Marella, Sheamus staked his prominence on the RAW roster going into next weeks draft and secured the victory.


Continuing the build up of the post WrestleMania rivalry between Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler and the impending tag-team matchup between Cole & Jack Swagger VS Lawler and Jim Ross at Extreme Rules, Michael Cole decided he would get himself “knighted”. In a lame somewhat slapstick show the WWE brought in an actress to play the Queen of England and Michael Cole knelt down to be knighted and arose Sir Michael Cole.  Afterwards Cole provoked his Extreme Rules opponents Lawler and Ross and immediately commanded Jack Swagger to take care of business. Lawler was tossed over the top rope and Ross placed into an ankle lock submission and forced to kiss the newly knighted Cole’s feet. This storyline becomes more tiresome by the week and where the rivalry should have ended at WrestleMania hopefully it will at Extreme Rules.


The final Match of the night was a repeat of a WrestleMania encounter between Randy Orton & CM Punk. The match itself was very entertaining as both superstars traded momentum and excellent wrestling maneuvers, Orton eventually getting the upper hand and gaining the win. The new nexus would crash the Orton victory celebration and pummel him into the canvas. The goliath of a man that is Mason Ryan insisted that he would get his revenge on Orton and punt him in the head, other members could do nothing but watch. CM Punk, however, had other ideas. He waved off Ryan and lined up to take the punt himself.  As he charged towards, the dazed Orton jumped up and out of nowhere hit Punk with an RKO before slithering out of the ring.  The rivalry between these two comes to ahead at Extreme Rules when both men face each other in a Last Man Standing match.



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