The Reason Big Show Was Written Off WWE TV, Jericho Praises R-Truth

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As seen during last night’s WWE RAW broadcast on USA, the Big Show and Kane lost the WWE Tag Team Championships to members of the Nexus, Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga. Afterward, the Big Show was written off of future scripts due to an injury he may have sustained last week at the SmackDown tapings. During an angle in the ring feature members of the Corre and Ezekiel Jackson, Big Show took a bad bump and the injury has been nagging him since then. He did, however, go to wrestle at Over the Limit and RAW last night, though, so the injury may not be that serious.

Former WWE Champion and Dancing with the Stars contestant Chris Jericho posted a tweet last night during RAW praising R-Truth, saying that he is “gonna be the next big thing in the WWE”. He joked that he has a better “track record” in making predictions than the man who predicted the end of the world this past Saturday, Harold Camping.

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