The Rock On Being Fined By WWE For Swearing, JR Talks WrestleMania

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WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross was interviewed 1560 The Game radio host Sean Pendergast on Wednesday and talked about this coming WrestleMania weekend. JR said at this time, he is only scheduled to appear at the WWE Axxess fan fest, but does hope he will get to do something on the pay-per-view. Ross said Michael Cole’s character is very hatable and is happy his longtime broadcasting partner Jerry “The King” Lawler is finally getting a chance to wrestle on the biggest stage of them all. To listen to JR’s interview, visit

The Rock was asked on Twitter yesterday if he got fined for swearing. He responded: “Why would I get fined by WWE? I never said bitches or ass, I said sumbitches and candy ass, big difference.”

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