The Rock Returns To WWE RAW, Confronts John Cena & The Miz

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Tonight on the final live World Wrestling Entertainment broadcast before WrestleMania 27 this Sunday night, the Rock was live from Rosemont, Illinois, to confront John Cena before he faces the Miz. The Rock will be the guest host this Sunday. Below is a recap of the in-ring exchange:

Back from commercial and we see The Rock pacing around backstage. His music hits and out he comes to a massive reaction. The Rock finally gets a chance to speak and talks about how special Chicago is to him. The Rock talks about how all of his fans are on Team Bring It and goes on. The fans start chanting Rocky. He says when you’re on Team Bring It, you go after your dreams. Rock says recently, he has had a dream that he came to the ring and called out John Cena. A “Cena sucks” chant starts.

The Rock recalls his dream and calls Cena a homeless Power Ranger. In his dream, The Rock puts his foot to Cena’s ass. The Rock says then he woke up, the dream was over and this is reality. The Rock is here tonight and he’s not alone because he’s with the millions and millions of The Rock’s fans. The People’s Champ is here, he says. John Cena’s music hits and out he comes to some boo’s.

Cena says finally, The Rock is back in a WWE ring. Cena says he has wanted this all along, he has wanted The Rock back in WWE for moments like this. The crowd pops for The Rock. Cena says The Rock has a power with the fans and says if you don’t believe him, listen to this… the crowd chants for The Rock again. Cena says to feel the excitement brought like only one man can do – The Rock. Cena says he’s glad The Rock came back. Cena says when Rock came back, he was smoking. Cena says he wanted to listen what Rock had to say. Cena says everything he said about Rock had meaning and merit. A “Cena sucks” chant interrupts Cena.

Cena says he wanted to know what kind of problem The Rock had with him. Cena says there were lots of them – his colors were wrong, he didn’t like the way Cena talked and others. Cena says Rock had a problem with his morale code and the fact that his audience is kids. Cena says his audience is kids and he’s proud of it. Cena says he’s damn proud of what he is and has become. Cena says if Rock has a bone to pick over the way he is, then they have to talk. If not, Cena asks The Rock who the hell he is to judge him. Who is The Rock to tell Cena how to live his life. Cena says if that’s what it takes to be on Team Bring It, Rock can keep the application. Cena says he won’t be judged by The Rock.

Rock says he won’t judge Cena, there’s only one man who judges people and that’s the good Lord. The Rock says but the Lord won’t stop him from whooping Cena’s candy ass all over Chicago. Cena says he has said everything he needed to say to Rock’s face, like a man. Cena says if Rock wants to fight, he’s here. Cena throws down the mic as The Miz’s music hits. Out comes the WWE Champion with Alex Riley as Cena and Rock stare each other down. They finally turn their attention to The Miz as he heads down to the ring.

Riley and Miz enter the ring to boo’s. Miz asks “really?” a few times. Is this how it’s going to be? He calls Cena and Rock over-hyped and over-rated. Miz says he has owned Cena this past month. Miz says Cena is going to lose at WrestleMania but at least he will go down swinging. Miz says Cena will come for a fight, unlike The Great One. Miz says he knows something that nobody else knows, a secret about The Rock. Miz says Rock won’t do a thing tonight, nothing. Miz says he has done his researched and Rock’s movies have grossed lots of money. Miz says one of the biggest movie stars in the world wouldn’t risk getting beat up and embarrassed by him. Miz says it’s a guaran-damn-tee that if Rock even looks at him funny, he will beat him so bad he won’t even be able to step foot into Hollywood.

Miz tells Rock to go ahead and run his mouth like only Rock can. Miz says he won’t do anything because he’s The Miz and is awesome. The crowd chants for The Rock. Rock says that Miz should know by now that it doesn’t matter what he thinks. Rock gets in Miz’s face. Riley decks The Rock and The Miz joins in. They beat The Rock down in the corner. He fights back and takes them on. Rock knocks Riley out of the ring and turns his attention to The Miz, hitting the big DDT. The Rock hits The People’s Elbow on The Miz as Cena looks on from ringside. Rock then tosses Miz out of the ring. Rock turns around to John Cena. Cena lays Rock out with the Attitude Adjustment. Cena stands over Rock and does the “you can’t see me” gesture. The crowd boo’s. Cena’s music hits and he heads to the back as The Rock recovers in the ring. Cena stops on the stage and points at the WrestleMania sign. He does the gesture to the camera again and poses as The rock looks on from the mat. RAW goes off the air.

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5 Responses to “The Rock Returns To WWE RAW, Confronts John Cena & The Miz”

  1. Big Happy says:

    Cena doesn’t have what it takes to beat the rock the peoples champion is way better

  2. I think the end was bad writing on WWE’s part. If when the Rock was getting beat up by the Miz, Cena should have got in and helped the Rock. They could still have had a stand off at the end, but people (even the people yelling Cena Sucks) would have respect for him. Now it seems they are turning Cena into a heel.

    • Randy says:

      I agree they made the rock look weak for his first return back live.Plus they didn’t allow for enough mic time for the rock we could done with one of the other filler matches to push this angle even futher is just me or did the rock look out of place I’n all this.His facial expressions were nervous.

    • IEddaddy says:

      I thought it was a perfect ending and unexpected. Who cares if it made cena look like a heel bc by next month he won’t even be thought of as a heel. It’s like family guy the show is Peter is a millionaire and by the end everything is back to normal. What it did was open a feud between rock and cena that could be stretched out forever. Old vs young old school vs new school etc.. Now we wonder if rock will do something at WM27 and cost cena the title. Or if cena wins will he help make that happen and have a title match on Monday night raw following WM27? they made it seem like there’s bad blood and that perfect how they kept it.

  3. Bearstown19 says:

    We know the Miz and John Cena is pusses. The Rock is back and get better . The Rock is way better than Cena. Cena is worst face in wwe history and the Miz is worst wwe champ evvver will be Rock solds out arenas and cena dosent it. Attude era is best era and pg era sucks

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