The Rock Says He Will Wrestle For WWE Again

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Prior to his WWE return last month, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson had stated publicly in several interviews that his in-ring career was likely forever. Fast forward to 2011′s red-hot feud with John Cena and The Great One appears to have changed his tune.

The Rock is on the cover of the latest issue of WWE Magazine and tells them he’s ready to throw down in the ring once again. When asked how many of his old ring outfits he still has, Rock said, “I still own it all. It’s still with me in my house. It was never going away because I knew I would one day use it again.”

That sounds like he’s talking about wrestling again, so The Rock was asked, “So does that mean you’re coming back to fight as well?” He responded,”Making movies is something that I love to do, and I know that it brings a lot of people joy, which in turn brings me and my soul great gratification. Being in the ring and entertaining the audience and kicking ass physically brings me and my soul great gratification as well. I can guarantee that I can always do both.”

2 Responses to “The Rock Says He Will Wrestle For WWE Again”

  1. That sounds like great news. I was really into the WWE way back in my life (when it was still WWF) and I stopped watching before The Rock started to wrestle. I caught some matches with him, and he seemed like a good performer. Now, in the past few years I’ve been watching it a little more. And it would be cool to see him wrestle.

    Afterall, I would rather watch him wrestle, than see him in The Tooth Fairy. He should quit movies (except for some small exceptions like “The Other Guys”)

  2. Damien Hayes says:

    This is the best news for the WWE.. The Rock is undoubtably the Greatest sports entertainer of all time & for him to return for his millions & milllllions of fans to lay the Smack Down again is incredible! I have gone off of wrestling soon after he left & will definitely watch it again with him kicking arse in the ring now. If you can smellllllllll.. what the Rock…. is cooking!!

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