The Rock To Wrestle John Cena At WrestleMania 28 From Miami, FL

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After tonight’s WWE RAW, it’s official: The Rock will be returning to the WWE ring for the first time in over seven years to face John Cena in Miami, Florida at WrestleMania 28. The Rock accepted Cena’s challenge for a match but said he wanted it to take place one year from now: April 1, 2012 from his hometown of Miami, Florida

The Rock extended his hand to Cena and the two shook on the match before taking a beatdown from The Corre. Cena and Rock ended up coming back and fighting the group off. WWE confirmed that the match will take place at the end of tonight’s broadcast. This is the first time that a WrestleMania main event has been confirmed one year in advance. Obviously, things can happen between now and then that would stop the match, but it looks official at this point.

2 Responses to “The Rock To Wrestle John Cena At WrestleMania 28 From Miami, FL”

  1. Bill says:

    I’m sick of rocky. he comes and goes whenever he wants and talks trash. i dont give a damn how well someone talks. i care if they can fight. rocky get ur ass in the ring and fight. oh yeah you will, maybe a year from now!?! wtf!?!? so, Cena has to wrestle every week and at every pay per view for the next year, risking getting hurt, while rocky goes away to train? wtf!?!? Cena kick his ass.

  2. IrishJD says:

    Bill, shut up. Although the wait will be a bit long….it’s well worth it. Wrestlemania 28 will mark 10 Years since The Rock faced Hulk Hogan and it’s a very smart business move and gives us an entire year to build the match. Besides, do not get your panties in a bunch, The Rock and Cena were jumped by the Corre if you didn’t notice…which means it may possibly be Cena and Rock teaming up against them for Extreme Rules. Either way, the Rock is sticking around for a bit longer…and I don’t know why the WWE Universe is bitching, he has given us back more than what we asked for.

    Anyway what would you want? Cena and Rock on a crappy Extreme Rules PPV or a floppy Summerslam that will probably suck? Or an entire’s years build for possibly a great Wrestlemania 28. Your call.

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