The Rock/John Cena Confrontation Expected On WWE RAW, Bret Hart On Rock

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Evan Bourne, The Rock, Triple H, Alex Riley and others were all trending worldwide on Twitter during last night’s RAW.

Bret Hart wrote the following on Twitter last night about The Rock’s promo: “Nice promo from the Rock… Although his trophy case could use some work to bring it up to Hitman standards!”

WWE is planning a in-ring showdown between The Rock and John Cena for an upcoming RAW before WrestleMania, likely the March 14th or March 21st show. With Steve Austin appearing on next week’s show, it isn’t expected that The Rock will be there because of concern that it might be overkill, but that’s not confirmed.

3 Responses to “The Rock/John Cena Confrontation Expected On WWE RAW, Bret Hart On Rock”

  1. Derek says:

    good i hope cena owns that pompous ass. i feel dirty for even saying that.

  2. AcesJD says:

    Overkill?! Man having Austin and Rock there would shoot the ratings through the roof! I hope The Rock can own Cena when they do Confront one another. Be nice if Austin confronted Orton and we see maybe a stunner or two in the next episode of RAW but I wont push it. What WWE needs to do is have The Rock show up actually live on RAW…which yeah yeah I know they are trying to avoid overkill…but who cares I am not buying Wrestlemania 27 anyway.

  3. Henderson Dale93 says:

    I really want to see The Rock whooped the living hell out of John Cena with some respect that he going to deserve at WrestleMania XXVII. I’ve watched the WWE for 12 years since 1999 during the Attitude Era when I was 8 yrs. old. And I can’t wait to see Stone Cold Steve Austin coming back to the WWE next week on Raw. I wonder if Austin and Rock going to show up to teach these young superstars and young WWE John Cena fans what real wrestling is really about!!!

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