The Southpaw Scoop- GWT, Interview With The Freak Wally Darkmon

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The following is my recent interview with participant of the Germanfest Wringenmeisterschaft Tournament, The Freak Wally Darkmon. I spoke with Wally via phone he was very candid with his answers. Be advised these are his real words unedited so it’s not all PG haha. There are more interviews to come including more participants, the judges, and the founder and producer of the GWT The Cowboy Johnny Mantell and K Downs.

How did you find out about the GWT, other than winning what were your expectations?

I found out through Johnny Mantell. I had been going out to his Sunday training classes. Through one of the training sessions he mentioned the GWT and so I went to the website and signed up. I was originally going to be a ref just because I didn’t have the entry fee money at the time. Johnny sat down and talked to me after practice and preferred me to wrestle. My expectation was to win the whole fucking thing but I got hurt and was like well now im screwed. Also I just wanted to have fun. You know what I mean? I love my job and every day is a gift.

What would you say was your favorite part of the GWT weekend?

 Hanging in the hotel was awesome. It had been a long time since my last road trip for a match. So yeah it was nice to just chill with the boys and relax.

Which competitor, other than yourself, would you say was your favorite to watch?

 Honestly I don’t mean to be a dick, but there wasn’t a whole lot there that impressed me. Kahagas and Jason Jones were my two favorite. This was the first time I had seen the Tokyo Monster perform, but before the tournament I had youtubed Jason and saw he had some great matches on there.

Overall how would you rate the 1st annual Germanfest Wringenmeisterschaft Tournament, and do you plan on returning next year?

My congratulations go out to Johnny and K for the phenomenal job they did. First time is always going be rough, I would’ve liked to seen better advice coming from the judges after all that is what they were there for. I think some of them might have actually come just to treat us (the talent) like shit. Also the judges could’ve done better job scoring there was so much that changed in scores based on who was judging. it could’ve been the best match you’ve ever worked, but depending on who was scoring it could’ve been bad. I got into it with Chavo Guerrero Sr. at one point in the dressing room. He was giving me and my manager hell about something. He and Jake Roberts were my least favorite. If it was cheaper I think more people would’ve shown up, but yeah (laughing) I’ll probably be in WWE by next year, but sure if not I’ll show up again.

Is there anything from the tournament you would like to see change/that you think could be improved?

 Make it inside for sure! So we don’t have a repeat of the rain out on Sunday. Other than that it was all good.

What advice did you receive from the judges of the GWT?

  Honestly, I have respect for them for what they did for the business but damn seriously. One would say don’t punch another would say do it, and based on who was scoring that match it could be totally opposite of what they wanted to see. I think they were going more off of well this is what I would do rather than what needed to be seen. Wrestling back then was different than it is now. If you noticed a lot of our finishes were simple stuff like a quick roll up pin or a high cross body. Fans have gotten used to the flashier stuff so the simple old school stuff doesn’t always cut it anymore. Its not what I thought it was going to be.

What does the GWT and other events of its type provide to the spectators that WWE doesn’t?

 Wrestling! WWE holds their boys back that’s why John Cena is on top they prefer their money maker up top rather than their truest talent. If Evan Bourne was allowed to show off what he could really do he would be on top, but they hold everyone else back to make their stars look better. At the Indy promotions you get to see everyone performing at their peak.

Being the only competitor hurt what was going through your mind when it happened, how long before the match ended were you injured?

Fucking A this hurts! (laughter) It hurt so bad. I kept telling myself I needed to get up but couldn’t. Also the first thing that I thought of was I wouldn’t be able to finish the tourney. At first everyone including me thought I had broken a rib as there was a bulge from the rib cage. It turned out to be a contusion to my right lung it had swollen so much It was poking between the ribs. By the end of the night I was still in pain, but feeling a hell of a lot better. The injury occurred during Phoenix’s comeback. The bump off top rope when he pushed me off of my superplex attempt is when it happened. Every bump after that hurt like hell. I tried to tell Phoenix to go ahead finish with a small cradle but he didn’t hear me. Luckily the referee Sam “Bling Bling” Miller did and I went for a shoot pin and he got me the 3 count.

How many injuries have your sustained in the 10 years you have competed?

Quite a few, I’ve had a fractured ankle, 2 concussions, and lots of stitches and staples to the head. The worst was when I received a piledriver from a guy and he brought me down on my head, the impact compressed my spine paralyzing me for a few hours and caused me to take 6 months off. It was during this time that I developed my transformation from G-Slice into the Wally Darkmon persona.

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in becoming a wrestler?

Fight your hardest nothing will be handed to you. It’s not as easy as looks. You have got to be able to push yourself because no one will do it for you. There are going to be people to try and break you down, you have to comenin with your mouth shut and ears and eyes open and a strong will to learn.

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