The Southpaw Scoop-Smackdown Gets RAW Deal In Draft, Independent Wrestling

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Well, let’s just jump right into it. The draft show was great this year!  After a good Smackdown versus RAW battle royal ended with Kofi and Big Show winning Smackdown was guaranteed the first draft pick. To most people’s surprise it was John Cena. As for me personally I was excited when I heard that Cena was gone off of RAW. This was followed by the continuation of R-Truth’s further decent into the role of being a heel. During his rant he was attacked by John Morrison who had to be pulled off by refs.

The next draft pick went to RAW after Eve defeats Layla with a rollup pin. I don’t know if it’s just me or what.  You would think after 3 weeks of being pinned/losing the exact same way Layla would learn how to not turn her back on the competition, but I digress. The draft pick for RAW turned out to be Rey Mysterio. I about jumped out of my seat with excitement due to the fact that Mysterio has been one of this writers favorites since I first saw him debut in WCW years ago. That love coupled with the ideas that began to run through my head of Mysterio versus Sin Cara, but we will get to that later.

Next up was Kofi versus Sheamus the match ended with Kofi bringing in another pick for Smackdown and with it they received Randy Orton. This came as a major shock to me. Randy has kind of been thrown under the bus as of late in my opinion due to the whole Nexus rivalry keeping him out of the title race, but I didn’t expect him to be moved to the B-rated show.

 Next was the time of the show for everyone to take a bathroom break. Michael Cole came out and talked about something I can’t even recall now. Then fought J.R. and as always it turned into a brawl with Swagger and Lawler getting into the mix. Although it was nice to see Cole bleeding profusely from the mouth after Jim Ross laid into him with an onslaught of right hooks.

After the visit to the snack bar supporting his new brand Randy Orton took on the newly dyed Dolph Ziggler. After the obvious victory of Orton Mark Henry and Sin Cara were both drafted to Smackdown thus ruining my hopes of Sin Cara versus Mysterio. I am also rather upset that they are treating Sin Cara like this after building up so much hype about him on RAW. So what if the guy had a slight flaw in his debut. The slipping on the turnbuckle was all Primo’s fault by the way. Anyways my boy Rey beat Wade Barrett winning 2 picks for RAW. With the 2 picks RAW picked up Big Show and Alberto Del Rio.

On to the final brawl of the night 6 man tag team match, Team RAW consisting of The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and CM Punk versus team Smackdown which was Christian, Cena, and Mark Henry. The match was fairly dominated by Smackdown’s far superior team. Then out of nowhere Mark Henry turns heel and lays John Cena out, which I admit was nice to see. Thus allowing Miz to deliver the skull crushing finale and secure the victory for team RAW. As its final draft pick of the night RAW picked up John Cena? Yes that is right apparently the rules of a regular draft don’t apply to WWE. I mean how would football fans feel if Tim Tebow was drafted multiple times by different teams. Not to mention how the players would feel. Needless to say this week’s RAW ended with me delivering a few choice words to my television.

On to other news this weekend marks the first annual GWT it’s a German word but it’s a tournament at Germanfest in Muenster Texas. It will be featuring scores of independent wrestlers trying to make a name for themselves. The tournament is being judged by several wrestling greats Cowboy Johnny Mantell, Cowboy Bob Orton (Randy’s dad), Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Terry Funk, Chavo Guerrero Sr., and Smackdown’s own Booker T just to name a few. The winner will receive a title belt, and be put into the pro wrestling hall of fame in Amsterdam, NY. I will be attending this event each day. Hoping I can score some interviews with superstars of days gone by. If I get lucky in my quest the interviews will surely be posted in my next blog. The website for all the information on the event is listed below if anyone is interested in it.

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