The Southpaw Script-Not Tough Enough To Carpe Diem

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First, I’d like to take a moment to thank for allowing me to explore my blogging skills over a subject that I love dearly. That subject being all things WWE. I’ll start by letting you know what you can expect from all of my future posts. I am a 21 year old with absolutely no previous experience in blogging or anything of the sort, closest I’ve ever come is posting on Facebook. I do however like most of you love WWE. I have grown up watching it since the Attitude era, and since then have studied information and footage from years before that. So you know I will be trying to make a couple posts a week mainly focused on RAW, Smackdown, Tough Enough, PPV’s, and breaking news from WWE. (By breaking news I don’t mean a last minute match line up switch, but stuff like Edge retiring which will be in my next post.)

Last week we saw the first elimination of Tough Enough, I’m sorry but anyone who says that Melina versus Alicia Fox is their favorite match of all time should have Stone Cold stomp a mud hole in their a** and walked dry. This week Stone Cold told the remaining wannabes that the theme of this week’s challenge would be courage, and this week’s special guest was John Cena.

Anyways Trish Stratus, one of the trainers, put Matt a supposed ten-year pro on the spot and told him to show her what he can do in the ring against fellow contestant Luke. While Matt had a few shining moments, the leap frog with the turnbuckle was nice, Luke completely seized the opportunity and out preformed Matt in every single aspect of the exhibition match. Skid marks aka Ryan continues to be Bill DeMott’s door mat by letting Bill walk all over him. Also Rima, current Miss USA, took her first bumps and body slams of the competition; the latter part I believe Steve Austin and DeMott really enjoyed personally. Meanwhile in walks John Cena who answered contestant’s questions of which my personal favorite was, “which WWE superstars do wish you could work with the most?” John replied to it with a long drawn out “well” and slowly turned to look at Stone Cold. Back at the house there was more partying and Mike was teasing Ryan about his love letters to his girlfriend, I believe this will be feud that develops more over the season.

The next day, their courage is put to the test when they have to put on protective gear and “try” to out run police attack dogs. Again Bill and Steve get some good chuckles out of watching the contestants get tackled by the vicious canines. The one who really shows his stuff is Eric who was in the bottom three last week Later was the in ring portion of the skills challenge.  The contestants were squashed in the corner turnbuckle and body slammed by Bill DeMott who is easily 300 pounds. On a side note Miss USA was 20 minutes late to the in ring challenge, Bill took great notice in this.

After all the contestants had gone thru the challenge Steve met with Bill, Trish, and Booker-T to decide the bottom three for this week. That turned out to be Rima, Ryan, and the vet Matt. In the ring Stone Cold jumped down Rima’s throat about being late, Ryan’s for being too nice of a guy, and Matt for not showcasing his talent to which Matt replies that he is “waiting” for his moment. This would prove to be his undoing as Stone Cold takes his belt and hangs it on the wall of shame.

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  1. Josh davidson says:

    Wow this is your first time to blog??? It’s very good. You seem like a pro at it. Helped me catch up since I missed the show yesterday.

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