The Southpaw Script-RAW Emotions As Rated R Superstar Says Goodbye

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Raw began with John Cena addressing the WWE universe about his match at WrestleMania 28 against The Rock, Cena stated that since it is going to be the biggest match ever it might as well be for the biggest prize in sports entertainment. He was quickly interrupted by Randy Orton who believes he should be the number one contender for the WWE championship. Orton was then interrupted by John Morrison who was then interrupted by Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler, who was then interrupted by R-Truth. All of whom claimed they should face The Miz for his title. Right as things began to get heated those well-known chimes kicked in followed by Michael Cole reading the message sent by the anonymous GM. It was announced that the main event would be a 5 man gauntlet match between all the superstars in the ring and that the order of entry would be randomly chosen.

 After the commercial break we were given a clip of large woman holding a blonde doll and then flicking the head off the doll followed by a sinister laugh. I personally believe this to be former TNA “diva”, and I use that term loosely, Awesome Kong. This was followed by a match between Eve and Brie Bella for the Divas title. To try to ensure there was no “twin magic” used as in past matches of the Bella’s Eve brought a marker for the referee to mark one twin to tell them apart. This was actually a damn good idea, too bad it didn’t help. Eve had capitalized on the match and then the twins switched. Eve pointed this out to the ref, and while he was forcing the illegal twin out of the ring it allowed Brie Bella to take over the match and get the pin fall over Eve and winning the Divas Championship.

 Up next was the debut match for newcomer Sin Cara versus Primo. The highflyer Sin Cara really showed up for this one. Although there was a huge blunder when Primo slipped on the turnbuckle and caused Sin Cara to fall out of the ring. The second attempt at the high risk move was well worth the wait as both superstars did some kind of superplex flip off the top rope. Sin Cara then followed up by pinning Primo to pick up the victory.

Following the commercial break The Corre came out to the ring and after some words from Wade Barrett an argument between the members stirred some animosity within the group. Before a fight broke out Santino came out accompanied by Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, and Evan Bourne. Santino then introduced his group as “The Apple” which is an acronym for Allied People Powered by Loathing Everything. Unfortunately The Corre was able to get the best of The Apple ending with Santino being pinned by Heath Slater. 

Next on the card was Jerry Lawler versus Jack Swagger with Jim Ross and Michael Cole in their respective corners. The stipulation was simple if Lawler wins then he gets to face Cole at Extreme Rules, and if Swagger won then Lawler would never fight Cole again. Mid match Cole jumped up on the apron to try to distract Lawler. Meanwhile good ole JR was able to trip Cole causing Swagger to be distracted long enough for The King to roll Swagger up for the 3 count. After the match an irate Cole belittled Swagger for the loss and slapped him across the face. This infuriated Swagger and caused Cole to flee the ring. Leaving Lawler to announce the type of match at Extreme Rules; He selected a tag team match of The King and JR versus Cole and Swagger. 

After commercials we come back to Edge’s theme song as The Rated R Superstar came out to the arena. The announcers had been hinting since RAW came on the air that Edge had huge news for the WWE Universe. The Ultimate Opportunist talked about his rise to fame in the WWE. He spoke of his running with The Brood, his tag team reign with Christian, and of his solo exploits such as having sex with Lita on live TV, with which he quickly followed better her than Vickie Guerrero. He then went on to state that the rumors were true and he is retiring after 13 years in the business, and that he is going out on top as the holder of the World Heavyweight Champion. One of the first matches I ever watched on a PPV was Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boys in a TLC match.  Edge will be greatly missed by me and by millions of fans.

The night culminated with the 5 man gauntlet match. Joining the announcers at ringside were Miz and Alex Riley. Starting it off would be Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler. While it appeared that Orton had a clear upper hand an unexpected attack by members of the Nexus gave Dolph an opportunity to get the pin on Orton. Next up was R-Truth who made quick work of Ziggler. After that was John Morrison who clearly was dominating Truth until he decided to go for the starship pain maneuver instead of the pin and came up short. Truth then hit Morrison with a big move and got the pin fall. Last to enter was John Cena. Cena and Truth put on a hell of a good fight until interference by Miz and Alex Riley forced the ref to rule the match a double DQ. That was exactly what Miz wanted this way there was no number one contender. Then the famous chimes kicked in and King delivered the GM’s ruling. “You are right Miz there is no number one contender for your title. Oh wait I missed this part of it. There are two number one contenders; therefore the match at Extreme Rules will be a triple threat match, The Miz versus John Cena versus R-Truth.” Raw ended with Cena and R-Truth opening a can of whoop ass on Miz and Riley.

As for my view on recent storylines in WWE personally I would’ve rather seen the Cena v Rock match at Survivor Series in a Team Bring it versus Team Cenation fight. I still believe one year is too long to bait the audience for a match. Also on tonight’s RAW I would’ve much rather seen the show end with Edge’s farewell than have it mid broadcast. As for his farewell on Smackdown and relinquishing the title I believe it will be vacant until the ladder match at Extreme Rules which I am sure will now be Christian versus Alberto Del Rio.

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    Definitely agree on the Christian and del rio for the title. I like your idea for cena v rock too that would have been cooler. Good blog recap by the way. Keep up the good work

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