The Undertaker Headed To WWE RAW?, Superstars Trend On Twitter, More

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SmackDown announcer Jack Korpela has launched a Twitter account @JackKorpela.

Florida based wrestling valet Trina Michaels plans to attend this Monday’s Raw taping in Miami. She will be visiting friends in WWE.

It was reported yesterday that WWE officials discussed moving The Undertaker to Raw to make up for a top babyface character being transferred to SmackDown during the 2011 WWE Draft. While the draft came and went without The Deadman changing brands, company sources indicate he’ll join Raw upon his return to television.

Speaking of the 2011 WWE Draft, numerous WWE related terms trended on Twitter during today’s WWE Draft including Kelly Kelly, Alex Riley, Drew McIntyre, Yoshi Tatsu, William Regal and Jack Swagger.

4 Responses to “The Undertaker Headed To WWE RAW?, Superstars Trend On Twitter, More”

  1. Erik says:

    I think The Undertaker should remain on Smackdown!! Because he can go after the World Title. He is fit to be on Smackdown. I hope they don’t put him on RAW.

  2. J says:

    The Undertaker to RAW and being the top face is a good idea.
    So that we could end John Cena’s long run as the top face of RAW and of the WWE.
    This may mean also for Cena to be a heel, which is what many of the WWE Universe want to happen.

    Almost everyone from the WWE Universe wants Cena to step down as the top face of the company.

    I hope they could just give the top spot as face of the company to many top stars who stayed longer than Cena stayed in the WWE, such as Rey Mysterio. Plus if Mysterio is the face, he is also a child-friendly guy and is more talented than John Cena.


  3. 619 says:

    I agree that WWE should slowly make Cena from being the top face of the company.
    I know its not that easy to put Cena as a heel immediately, but I could suggest to the creative team that they should build up some storylines that would end up Cena as a heel, or otherwise if VKM does not want Cena to be a heel then just put him in ordinary matches and not in Main Event matches.

  4. IrishJD says:

    Cool. I think Undertaker needs a RAW run for at least a good while before he finally hangs up those boots forever. Now with this, there is a tiny problem, who’s gonna fill Taker’s spot at Smackdown? I was kind of hoping to see maybe a Taker vs Orton or Taker vs Sin Cara Feud at one of these PPV’s except for WM 28. Problem with WWE moving all these Smackdown Guys to RAW and RAW Guys to smackdown is that their isn’t going to be any real fresh feuds for this coming year.

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