The Undertaker Set For WWE RAW Tomorrow Part Of 2/21/11 Vignette

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According to Dave Scherer of the Pro Wrestling Insider, the Undertaker was spotted at the local Austin, Texas airport arriving for the Monday Night RAW tapings tomorrow night. The Undertaker has been heavily rumored to appear on the February 21, 2011 edition of the show because of the vignettes that have been airing for the past three weeks, highly hinting his return.

During last week’s vignette, the Undertaker’s chest was shown with his trademark trenchoat. We also saw him walking through his cabin. However, fans of former TNA Wrestling star Sting continue to insist that Sting may be returning as well. People are speculating that The Undertaker may be inside the cabin but Sting is lingering on the outside of his cabin, trying to get his attention. However, the last I heard from my sources here at this site, Sting has not signed with WWE as of yet.

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4 Responses to “The Undertaker Set For WWE RAW Tomorrow Part Of 2/21/11 Vignette”

  1. Well he could just be making an appearance & then based on fan reaction, they’ll work out a contract for sting where he can work a schedule similar to that of The Undertaker.

    • Derek says:

      I agree that Sting coming to WWE sounds very fun but it’s highly unlikely that WWE could get Sting under contrsct and none of the wrestling spoilers websites would catch wind of it. And rest assured Sting won’t show up on tv w/o a contract.

    • Derek says:

      i hope im wrong tho

  2. Jkiss1 says:


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