TNA Airs 3/3/11 Vignette During iMPACT! – Major Spoiler For Tonight’s Show

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TNA Wrestling took a page out of WWE’s playbook during tonight’s ongoing TNA iMPACT! broadcast on SpikeTV, which was taped last Thursday, February 24th in Fayetteville, North Carolina. They did this by airing 3/3/11 vignettes, which WWE has used over the past month or so to promote the debut of the Undertaker.

However, fan interest in the vignettes quickly made members of the Internet Wrestling Community think WWE had signed Sting for the first time in his career. TNA Wrestling, which has re-signed Sting to a contract with the company, decided to capatalize on the buzz surrounding WWE’s vignette and debuted their own version of the vignette, with the numbers 3/3/11, to promote Sting’s return to the company. Sting has reportedly signed on with a one-year deal with the company.

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