TNA Bound For Glory 2011 Results: TNA Knockouts Championship

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TNA Wrestling Knockouts Title Match: Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Mickie James vs. Winter

We go to the ring and out first comes Velvet Sky for tonight’s Knockouts match. Out next comes Madison Rayne followed by Mickie James. Finally, the TNA Knockouts Champion Winter makes her way out and she’s got Angelina Love with her. Karen Jarrett is the special referee for this match and she’s out next. The match starts with Winter and Mickie going at it.

Winter controls the match until Mickie hits her with an elbow in the corner and a head scissors takedown. Mickie with a neckbreaker and Winter retreats to the floor. Madison comes in and hits Mickie with a cheap shot. Mickie turns it around on her and mounts her with right hands. A little bit of bias from Karen Jarrett here. Madison dumps Mickie out to the floor but turns around to a knee to the face from Velvet. Velvet with a bulldog and a pin attempt on Madison but Karen won’t make the count as she’s fixing her shoe. Madison slams Velvet by her hair and covers for another 2 count. Winter breaks the pin and argues with Madison.

Karen tells them to stop arguing, focus on Mickie and Velvet. Velvet and Mickie get tagged in. They lock up and Velvet applies a headlock. Velvet rolls Mickie up but Karen won’t count the pin. Mickie has words with Karen as the crowd chants boring. Velvet and Mickie lock up again and Mickie applies a headlock. Mickie drops Velvet, takes her back down and dropkicks her. Mickie knocks Madison off the apron. Velvet kicks and chops at Mickie and takes her down with a headscissors. Velvet knocks Winter off the apron. Mickie fights Velvet off and they trade shots in the middle of the ring. Winter pulls Velvet’s foot and pulls her out to the ring. Angelina and Winter double team Velvet. Madison works Mickie over in the ring and Karen allows it all. Mickie goes for a pin on Madison but it’s not counted. Mickie works Madison over while Velvet beats up Winter. Velvet turns around and Winter throws her on her face to the floor. Winter grabs Mickie but Mickie fights her off. Mickie with a big clothesline in the corner and more right hands.

Angelina hands Winter something that she swallows. Mickie hits Winter with right hands until Karen pulls her off. Winter goes to spit the red mist at Mickie but it hits Karen and she goes down. Mickie hits a jumping DDT on Winter but there is no referee to count. Traci Brooks runs down. Velvet and Madison come in and go at it. Velvet drops Madison on her face and Traci counts the pin for the win.

Winner and New TNA Knockouts Champion: Velvet Sky

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  1. Maria Rivera says:

    looks like it’s going be good tna show tonight

  2. Anonymous says:

    finnaly the queen got what she deserve 

    hell yes, and it was awesome PPV. the only bad thing – roode didnt won the belt 

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