TNA Bound For Glory: Jackson James Revealed As Eric Bischoff’s Son

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We go backstage and the cameras have caught Eric Bischoff talking with the referee that’s his son, Jackson James (real name Garrett). Bischoff alludes to their secret plan paying off tonight and thank him for helping “them” out. Bischoff says Hogan needs to win tonight and they need to take Sting out. He wants Sting to leave on a stretcher. He tells Eric he has his back tonight. Eric tells his son that it’s going to get ugly tonight. We go back to Tenay and Taz, who are shocked that referee Jackson James is Eric Bischoff’s son.

Editor’s note: While the referee’s in-character name is Jackson James, he is the real-life son of TNA Executive Producer, Eric Bischoff. This was revealed on the Internet shortly after Garrett made his TNA debut in November of last year, but was never mentioned on TNA TV.

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