TNA Fans Angry At Dixie Carter Over 3/3/11 Vignette

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TNA after hyping the “most shocking moment of the year” at the end of Thursday’s episode of TNA iMPACT!, fans got a video hypgin “3/3/11″ – a clear ripoff of the 2/21/11 videos that aired on WWE television in recent weeks. At Thursday’s TNA iMPACT! tapings from North Carolina, the surprise was revealed to be the return of Sting – and TNA fans are not happy about it.

Below, check out the 3/3/11 video that TNA hyped as the”most shocking moment of the year” and below that – Twitter feedback from TNA fans – who sound pissed off about how the whole thing was handled.

Tweets from TNA fans lashing out against TNA president Dixie Carter:

cherberrie: @tnadixie I caught the last five minute of your programming and it blows.. It is terrible… You will never be WWE. stop trying to be!

canadianbulldog: Dear @TNADixie – Nice “Surprise”. Maybe next time you can surprise us with a wrestling promotion that doesn’t absolutely f***ing suck.

JAVincen: @TNAwrestling @TNADixie Wow…The big surprise ending is a rip off of WWE’s Undertaker promo for Sting…. Disappointing……

trtx84: Oh lord. Really @TNADixie? We’re just gonna straight up copy WWE wholesale now? Embarrassing… #3311

TweepzMostLuvd: @TNADixie anything to keep them away from #1 huh? That’s why this cpmpany will go down. What a let down.

jakeblckmn: @TNADixie could you please be more original, 3-3-11 really? and you wonder why your company sucks and is in the gutter, get new writers

WrestleWrestle: Y’know @TNADixie , if you’re that driven to flush money down the toilet, you could just send it to me and save everyone a lot of pain.

MrGamer2558 : @TNADixie a mock video of WWE’s 2-21-11 for Sting is your big surprise? you’re kidding? this is a f***ing joke right?

thedylan2296: @tnadixie tna is officially dead… dixie… why? at victory have someone squash sting very quick… i wont care as long as sting looses

PocketVolcano: @TNADixie Seriously, just close up the company. Your talent is severely underpaid (esp the women) and you keep rehashing WCW stuff. Stop.

AreYouHie: @TNADixie when can i take over creative control of TNA? im pretty sure i’d bring in more viewers with much better “surprises”

bookerg: Only 1/2 an hour to go till @TNAwrestling & @tnadixie disappoint me with another overhyped “shocking surprise”! Who-hoo!

Lamou420: @TNADixie enough with the surprises already. We all know you can’t deliver. Every time #tna announce a “big surprise” it’s a let down.

Morris272: Sting in WWE would of been great in TNA its boring and predictable.

CdnOtakuGamer: Actually, the big surprise is that @TNADixie brought a big cake for everyone… But Matt Hardy ate it all backstage.

GrappleKingdom: Dear @TNADixie and @TNAwrestling – see how @WWE announced Sin Cara? THAT is how you make an impact in the wrestling world.

xthegunshow: @TNADixie Oh wow Sting vs Jeff Hardy…you really know how to keep those viewing figures down.

EmJayEch: The WWE is horrible & they lost me as a fan years ago, TNA is my CHOICE but TNA has opportunity and they BLOW IT BIG TIME. F-THIS @tnadixie

NotTripleH: Are we sure that TNA has the real Sting backstage, or the NWO Sting? Because I doubt @TNADixie knows the difference. #VintageDixie.

xthegunshow: @TNADixie No one gives a f*** that Sting is at tonights Impact Taping, people want him in WWE. You use him horribly.

XDustinEFLX: @TNADixie: Instead of paying your wrestlers more,you’re wasting more money on a second Jersey Shore ‘star’? Are you stupid?

gersfan22331: @TNADixie wow dixie the big suprise was sting wow the old man chose to stay with the 5TH rate trash that is tna

awesome_since88: @TNADixie OMG I wonder who 3-3-11 is??? This is going to change pro wrestling forever!! If I can only control myself for a whole week #TNA

EdgeUniversity: @TNADIxie so…your huge surprise for Impact was that you can copy a promo video that @WWE has been doing for the past month? GREAT JOB!

james_donald: YAY FOR COPYING WWE!!!! f*** you you dumbass bitch @TNADixie.

bookerg: I’M OFFICIALLY DONE WITH TNA. Don’t say “SHOCKING SURPRISE” and not deliver. @TNAwrestling and @tnadixie. You just lost a viewer. FU.

Joerrd: @TNADixie LOL. That little 3-3-11 promo? That’s the reason nobody takes your bingo hall company seriously.

The_Kliq_Army: @TNADixie so #TNA just basically stole the #WWE #Taker22111 promo lame

divalover159: @TNADixie learn to be original and never EVER copycat. if you want to be taken very seriously and not as a joke that you just made yourselfs tonight. learn to be original or your nothing more but a joke. just saying.

wmkrow: wow, @tnadixie, good job ripping off WWE and their 2-21-11 bit. Same font and everything.

Relentless_J: Lmfaoooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! TNA really copied WWE by making a 3-3-11 video??? @TNADixie can’t use ORIGINALITY!?!?!?

JeebusOMalley: @TNADixie Seriously? Not even gonna pretend to have an original thought huh? Unbelievable. Impact is garbage.

PhantomLordNYC: @TNADixie Jesus Christ can’t you people come up with anything original at all???

DarkMatchRaslin: @TNADixie we liked the Sting promo the first time we saw it…when it was for Undertaker in WWE a month ago…seriously, even the numbers?

J712v2: A mock 2/21/11 video? Really TNA? Really? Dear Spike: Take TNA off TV, and put ROH on instead!

1ISchmo: Wow. Creative means being creative, not copying something from another show. The shits beyond. @TNADixie, enjoy the final year.

15 Responses to “TNA Fans Angry At Dixie Carter Over 3/3/11 Vignette”

  1. Derek says:

    wow! I don’t think it was such a terrible idea. Give the fans the Sting they want like WWE couldn’t. However if it alienates your fans then maybe it wasn’t such a good idea after all.

  2. Chad_Tha_Savage says:

    WOW lol…. Is TNA serious? that is total proof that TNA is complete trash and absolutly has no business even trying to compete with the WWE. I was hoping that TNA would eventually come around and truely be a unique wrestling experience but they prooved to just be a cheap nockoff of the WWE. In my opinion, TNA is finished.

  3. Chaubert says:

    I’m glad to see Sting back in TNA, however I was really looking forward to seeing him in the WWE though. Anyways, I think they should have had a different idea to surprise the TNA fans and not rip off the WWE’s idea.

  4. Jose_buldias1978 says:

    from what i see it a loud of old promo of sting put together the only thing that remind me of what wwe done is the writing at the end. so could it be that wwe is copying tna?

  5. ablebodz says:

    While I really can see TNA Fans upset with another “copycat” angle of something the WWE did, I have to bring up and question if the WWE didnt in someways actually copycat WCW when they used the promo’s for Taker’s return. if anyone is wondering what I mean, just go youtube the Sting promo’s from prior to Starrcade and his match with Hollywood Hogan

    • lovewrestling says:

      are you serious? Taker had these promos in his early days, long before sting even turned into his crow character, get educated before you post things like this

  6. Nineargon says:

    I hope Dixie doesn’t actually read these Twitter comments in this case. Some of those are just mean and offensive.

  7. Magdaddy says:

    TNA fans angry at Dixie? More like WWE fans angry at Dixie.

  8. Cheaptrickster1856 says:

    Yeah this is a group of TNA fans who are pissed off…really I saw one person who claimed to be a fan of TNA.
    How can someone copy the WWE 2-21-11 video for Sting, if it never was a video for Sting.
    Nothing is ever a shock in wrestling cause it’s hyped and told in advance on the net.

  9. Maddaddy316 says:

    Fire the whole creative team and hire some fans.

  10. Dudley says:

    Nothing but Igonorant WWE sheep that are angry that Sting didn’t sell out to McMahon. They are the reason wrestling is dieing. Not TNA

  11. Xavier1205 says:


  12. Alreadymrscena says:

    Just when i think TNA can’t get any weaker, they pull this video out their ass. What kills me is the constant cheap shot’s that are made toward WWE but yet and still they wanna be so much like them. I mean i seem them copy WWE alot in the pass but this was ridiculous no screw that RIDONKULOUS grow up people, be original come up with your own shit stop biting off the other company it only make syou look small and desperate. You wanna suprise the fans here’s an idea suprise us with a good show one that doesn’t copy WWE I’ll never cross the line!!!!!!

  13. Roymichael1973 says:

    if tna wants better ratings give scott stiener a titlte reign he has a lot of loyal fans and he tells it like it is get ur attitude back

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