TNA Final Resolution Results: AJ Styles vs Bobby Roode (Iron Man Match)

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JB is backstage with Bobby Roode. Roode says he will be known as the king of the Iron Man matches after tonight. Roode has words or AJ Styles and Sting. He says he spits in the face of authority, just ask Dixie Carter. The main event is up next after a video package.

30-Minute Iron Man Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

We go to the ring and out comes the challenger AJ Styles. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode is out next. JB does formal ring introductions before the bell. They lock up and AJ goes behind. They trade holds and break. They lock up again and Roode applies a headlock. Roode shoves AJ away and does jumping jacks. They lock up again and Roode goes back to a headlock. AJ turns it around to a headlock of his own. Roode turns it into a head scissors on the mat. AJ kicks out and goes back to a headlock on the mat as we’re over 4 minutes in now.

AJ drops Roode with three shoulder blocks and goes for a pin attempt but Roode slides out to the floor. Roode comes back in the ring and they lock up, going to the corner. They trade chops in the corner. AJ hits a big back drop on Roode. Roode plays chicken and throws AJ out to the floor. Roode follows and AJ slams him into the barrier. AJ brings it back in the ring but Roode catches him and stomps away. Roode goes to work on AJ’s injured knee now and drags his face across the top rope.

AJ counters Roode and rolls him up out of the corner for a 2 count. They trade pin attempts. AJ with a hip toss and an arm drag. Roode comes back with a shoulder. AJ tosses Roode with a head scissors but runs right into a boot in the corner. AJ runs the ropes and connects with a clothesline for a 2 count near 9 minutes in.

Roode fights out of a headlock and drops AJ on is leg. AJ fights back and applies a headlock, favoring his leg. Roode drops AJ on his leg again but runs into an elbow in the corner. AJ goes up top but Roode takes his leg out. AJ falls from the top and Roode covers him for a 3 count. Roode has a 1-0 lead at the 10 minute in mark.

AJ takes Roode to the corner and works him over. Roode fights out with a rake to the eyes. Roode takes AJ’s knee out and goes to work on it. Roode gets a 1 count. AJ fights to his feet with chops and backs Roode in the corner with shots to the head. Roode blocks a clothesline and beats AJ back to one knee. AJ counters a suplex and goes behind. Roode counters and slams AJ’s leg down. AJ tries to fight back again but goes down on his knee. Roode blocks a move and applies a single leg Boston Crab. AJ makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Roode continues to work on AJ’s leg and applies the Figure Four in the middle of the ring. AJ finally taps out to make it 2-0 in favor of Roode.

Roode kicks out AJ’s leg again and shows off for the crowd. AJ gets up again but Roode takes the leg out once again. Roode goes for another Figure Four but AJ kicks him into the turnbuckles. AJ catches Roode in a flying armbar. AJ applies a crossface and Roode taps out to make it 2-1.

AJ focuses his attention on Roode’s arm now and goes to the mat. Roode turns it into a submission on his leg. They get to their feet and trade shots. More back and forth until Roode connects with a clothesline. AJ rolls Roode up with a cradle out of nowhere for a pin to make it 2-2.

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