TNA Final Resolution Results: Rob Van Dam vs Christopher Daniels

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TNA’s 2011 Final Resolution pay-per-view kicks off with a video package looking at the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode and tonight’s main event.

Rob Van Dam vs. Daniels

We go to the ring for tonight’s opening match and out first comes Rob Van Dam. His opponent Christopher Daniels is out next. They lock up and RVD takes it to the corner. They break and Daniels protects himself until RVD backs off. They lock up again and run the ropes, colliding with shoulder blocks twice. RVD catches a kick but Daniels ducks the spin kick. RVD with a roll up for 2. RVD counters with a backslide for another 2. RVD with a headlock. They collide again and RVD takes Daniels to the mat with a headlock and a 2 count. Daniels turns it around and beats RVD down in the corner, stomping away. Daniels whips RVD across the ring but RVD arm drags him twice and takes him down with a scissors for a 2 count. RVD with a kick to the face before doing his trademark shoulder point.

RVD beats Daniels down in the corner. RVD ends up on the apron and they go at it. Daniels tries to suplex RVD back into the ring but RVD counters and brings Daniels out to the apron. Daniels shoves RVD into the ring post and he falls down to the floor. Daniels wastes time before bringing RVD back in the ring. Daniels whips RVD into the corner and hits a running knee to the gut. Daniels mocks RVD and gets a 2 count. Daniels with a gutwrench on the mat now. RVD fights free but Daniels takes back control. RVD kicks him in the head and he goes down out of nowhere. RVD with right hands and a clothesline. RVD hits the standing moonsault for a 2 count.

RVD with the monkey flip and Rolling Thunder for another 2 count. Daniels blocks RVD and whips him into the corner. Daniels charges but RVD hits a spin kick. RVD goes to the top for the frogsplash but lands on his feet as Daniels moves. Daniels spears RVD for a 2 count. Daniels continues and gets another 2 count. Daniels with a crossbody in the corner. Daniels hits RVD with a right hand while he’s up top. Daniels goes for the superplex but RVD fights him off and shoves him to the mat. RVD hits the frogsplash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Tenay and Taz plug tonight’s main event before going backstage with Jeremy Borash. Mickie James talks about her Knockouts Title match against Gail Kim. Mickie says she was excited to hear Gail was coming back to TNA but she has done nothing but politic and play hide-and-seek since she returned. Mickie says they will see who’s the best Knockouts Champion.

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