TNA Final Resolution Results: Morgan & Crimson vs Pope & Devon

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Matt Morgan and Crimson (c) vs “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero and Devon – TNA World Tag Team Championship

Out first come the challengers Devon and The Pope followed by TNA Tag Team Champions Matt Morgan and Crimson. Pope starts out with Crimson and they lock up. Crimson shoves Pope to the mat and they lock up again. Pope ties up Crimson’s arm and goes to a headlock. Crimson fights out and drops Pope with two shoulders. Crimson fights out with knees but Pope counters. Pope kicks Crimson but it does nothing. Crimson takes Pope to the corner with shoulder thrusts.

Morgan eventually comes in and Pope makes the tag to Devon. Devon charges but Morgan drops him with a shoulder. Morgan with headbutts but Devon comes back with a headlock and right hands. Devon with a shoulder and a 1 count. Morgan connects with a big clothesline and tags in Crimson. Pope tags himself in and dropkicks Crimson. Pope tries to German suplex Crimson and finally gets him over. Pope goes for a second German but Crimson fights him off. Pope comes back and gets a 2 count. Pope comes off the second rope but Crimson moves. Crimson hits a big spear out of the corner. Morgan comes in and hits his back elbows on Pope in the corner. Crimson tags in and they double team Pope. Crimson with an exploder suplex for a 2 count.

Crimson stops Pope from tagging and keeps him grounded to the mat. Pope fights to his feet but Crimson knocks him back to the mat and tags in Morgan. Morgan with a big fall-away slam or a 2 count as Devon breaks the pin. Morgan catches Pope with a big sideslam or another 2 count. Morgan catches Pope again off the ropes but Pope fights out and connects with a DDT. Devon and Crimson come in and go at it. Devon with a big shoulder and a splash in the corner. Devon with a flying clothesline and a 2 count.

Devon with a neckbreaker now. Devon goes back leaps off the top and splashes Crimson for a 2 count. Morgan comes in and Devon tries to clothesline them both but can’t. They go down and Morgan rolls to the floor. Devon slams Crimson hard but only gets the 2 count. Pope goes to the top while Devon slams Crimson. Pope hits the big elbow from the top but Morgan breaks the pin. Morgan tosses Pope to the floor and grabs Devon. Crimson and Morgan hit a double chokeslam and Crimson covers Devon for the win.

Winners: And still TNA Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Matt Morgan and Crimson

After the match, Devon goes to ringside and his sons are disappointed in him.

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