TNA Impact Wrestling Rating Drops Yet Again Against NBA Finals

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This week’s TNA Impact Wrestling rating was once again down from last week as it went against even heavier competition from game 5 of the NBA Finals on ABC. Impact Wrestling drew a 1.01 cable rating, down from the 1.1 the week prior. Total viewership, however, was roughly the same as last week — last week’s show drew 1.45 million viewers while this week’s show drew 1.48 million viewers.

The NBA Finals were up from last week, drawing 18.32 million viewers, up 15% from last week’s 15.52 million viewers. Impact has gone head-to-head with the NBA Finals for the past two weeks. This will also be the final week it goes against it, so it should be interesting to see if the rating increases next week without any heavy competition and summer repeats and low-rated first run shows on the traditional broadcast networks being in full swing.

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