TNA Impact Wrestling Results (10/13/11) – Road To Bound For Glory

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The following are the TNA Impact Wrestling results for October 13, 2011, the last television broadcast before this Sunday’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view. The results are courtesy of Mike Johnson and

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video catching us up to speed on the Hulk Hogan retirement attempt and Sting exposing it as a farce.

TNA champion Kurt Angle comes to the ring in street clothes and calls out Bobby Roode, saying he wanted to have one last talk before their showdown on Sunday. Roode obliged and made his way to the ring. It’s ridiculous how much better the show visually looks outside of Orlando.

Angle told Roode that a month ago, he used his stroke to book Roode against Fortune to break him mentally and physically but Roode passed with flying colors. Angle said that he’s not a member of Fortune, but Kurt Angle the greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots. Angle said that beating Fortune was impressive, rattling off his own accomplishments as a champion wrestler. He said that for the last five years, he’s dominated TNA with no help and proves he’s the best every night he’s in the ring. He promised that at Bound for Glory, he would prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that he’s the greatest wrestler of all time.

He offered Roode his hand and Roode looked to take it, then pulled away. He took a mic of his own and said they both know what it takes to be a champion. He said it takes heart. He said they can tear the house down at the PPV but at the end of the night, it’s going to be the man with the bigger heart that is going to survive. He said that Angle had the heart in 1996 to overcome a broken neck and win a gold medal. He said that Angle had the better heart his entire career and is a machine but at Bound for Glory, Roode wants to find out who has the bigger heart and who’s going to take this company to the next level. Roode said that he proposed no games and no interference at the PPV and they find out who the better wrestler is that night. Awesome promo from Roode.

Angle said that what Roode wants is what he gets. They shook hands. Really effective segment to sell the importance of the TNA title at the PPV. Say what you will about TNA but they have done a great job building to the title match.

As Angle walked away, he said that he forgot to tell Roode that he’s been booked by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff against Gunner and Jeff Jarrett in a handicap match. I could have done without that as the segment was strong enough without it.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles were brawling in the back with Jerry Lynn and Christopher Daniels. Lynn threw Van Dam into a wall and they doubled on Styles as they went to commercial.

Jerry Lynn & Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles & Rob Van Dam

Returning from commercial, Lynn and Daniels dragged Styles to the ring and double teamed him. RVD returned and hit several kicks. He spinkicked Lynn. They double-teamed on Daniels. RVD nailed a monkey flip. Styles slammed Daniels and nailed a high leaping knee drop. RVD tagged in and whipped Daniels into the corner but missed a spinkick in the corner. Daniels nailed several headbutts but was caught with a slam.

Van Dam rebounded off the ropes for Rolling Thunder but Lynn grabbed his leg. Daniels sent RVD to the outside, where Lynn choked him. RVD was rolled back in, where Lynn and Daniels worked him over for several near falls. Daniels missed a charge in the corner and Styles tagged in. Styles nailed several backbreakers and worked over Daniels. He went for the springboard into the reverse DDT but Daniels escaped and tagged Lynn. Styles dropkicked Lynn hard for a two count.

Van Dam nailed a slingshot pescado to the floor on Daniels. Lynn nailed a baseball slide kick on RVD to the outside. Lynn and Daniels worked over RVD on the floor, leading to Styles nailing a running flip dive to the outside on everyone. Styles nailed the springboard flying forearm on Daniels and went for the Styles Clash but Lynn broke it up. Styles hit the Pele on Lynn and went for the Styles Clash. Daniels went to interfere, but when Styles dared him to hit the ring, Daniels backed off. Styles nailed the Clash and scored the pin on Lynn.

Your winners, Rob Van Dam & AJ Styles!

Good match with lots of hot action from start to finish. I am surprised they had Lynn lose a few days before his showdown with RVD, but he’s the guy without a contract of the quartet and it’s not like he’s been booked strongly going into the PPV to begin with.

Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan

Morgan slugged away at Joe but Joe fired back with a series of rights. Morgan sent Joe into the turnbuckles hard. Morgan nailed him with a series of rapid fire reverse elbows. He went for an Avalanche but Joe nailed a drop toehold into the corner, then nailed an enziguri to the head.

Joe controlled Morgan, nailing a running elbow to take him out. Joe nailed a running knee strike in the corner and went for the muscle buster off the top. Morgan leapt out of the way and rolled Joe up, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Matt Morgan!

Joe immediately took out Morgan’s leg and began punishing it. Joe locked on a figure four leglock. Crimson limped out of the locker room with a chair and nailed Joe with the chair in the gut, running him off from the ring.

Joe took the mic. He said that every time they try to start something, Joe tries to finish it only to see them save each other. He said that they are beta males afraid to face each other so they get together and come after Joe. Joe said he wanted to put them in a situation where there are no buddies and challenged them to a Triple Threat match. Joe said that they can either be friends or be an Alpha Male. Strange they would have the heel basically tell the babyfaces to man up, but the usual good promo you’d expect from Joe.

Mexican America began cutting a promo ripping on the United States. Rosita is ridiculously hot. Ink, Inc. came out. Jesse pointed out that they all live in the States and wondered why they bothered to rip on the country. He asked Anarquia to show off the tattoo they gave him. Shannon Moore cut a damn good promo saying he knew something that would make them and the fans happy, telling Mexican America to get the hell out.

All four start brawling. The girls get involved, which leads to an unknown woman (Christina Von Eerie, making her debut) hitting the ring and cleaning house on them. Hernandez got in her face but Neal made the save, attacking her. They left Anarquia in the ring and Ink, Inc. tried to show off the tattoo they gave him. Mexican America pulled him out of the ring. Jesse Neal said that MA can bring all the women they want to the PPV, because Ink, Inc. has their back up.

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