TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers For 9/29/11

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Eric attended the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings from Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, set to air on September 29th, and below is the report from the show:

* Sting and Robert Roode open the show. Sting puts over Roode and calls him the next World Champion. AJ Styles comes out and talks about being World Champion which brings out Kurt Angle. Angle says it’s going to be Styles vs. Roode tonight.

* Brian Kendrick beat Zema Ion, Kid Kash, Jesse Sorensen and Alex Shelley in a Ladder Match to become the new #1 contender for the X Division Title. It will be Kendrick vs. Aries at Bound For Glory.

* Karen and Jeff Jarrett come out. They call out Traci Brooks and Kazarian. Jarrett talks about how Kazarian owes him for giving him work. This goes on and they all get into it. Jarrett is about to make Kaz and Traci’s life hell. Gunner comes out and lays out Kazarian to end it.

* Backstage segment with Mexican America. Ink Inc. show up to give Anarquia a new tattoo but they attack the tag champions. Jesse Neal hides the camera while Shannon Moore gives Anarquia a tattoo. Anarquia is screaming bad. Ink Inc. go to the arena for a match but get jumped and laid out by Mexican America.

* Madison Rayne beat Tara in a qualifying match to join Winter, Velvet Sky and Mickie James in the Knockouts Title match at Bound For Glory.

* Crimson calls out Samoa Joe and they cut proms on each other. Crimson meets Joe on the stage and they go at it, fighting back to the ring where Joe slaps on the figure four. Matt Morgan comes out for the save but Joe escapes.

* The Pope beat Mr. Anderson. Devon’s kids ended up getting involved and pushing Anderson at ringside. Devon came out and wasn’t happy with them. Bully Ray ran in and laid out Anderson with a kendo stick, letting Pope get the win.

* Robert Roode beat AJ Styles by submission. Styles raised Roode’s hand after the match.

* Hulk Hogan came out and talks about Hulkamania, selling out Madison Square Garden and more. He says Hulkamania could live forever. Hogan talks about being grateful for being able to help TNA and puts over some of the stars. Hogan then puts over the fans for sticking by him and says this is it for him. Hogan says his run in wrestling is over and it’s time for guys like Robert Roode and James Storm to shine. Hogan invites everyone to Tennessee next week for a special announcement about his final time entering the ring.

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