TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers Results For Tonight (5/26/2011)

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Sting’s music plays to open Impact Wrestling, however Mr. Anderson comes out, dressed again as the 1980′s version of Sting and says that this is the Scorpion Sitdown and since he can’t wrestle, due to his age, that he will just sit down and talk. Anderson brings out his first guest, Disco Inferno. Anderson says that Disco was there and that Disco saw it all. Anderson says that he was there for guys like Firebreaker Chip and Glacier and since he was there, he wants to hear from Disco Inferno’s side of the story.

Disco said back then, the belt didn’t make the wrestler, instead the wrestler made the belt and when Sting came around he commanded respect and when he was there, he would help everybody get better and that Anderson should kiss the real Sting’s feet for making the business what it is today. The two go back and forth before Anderson smashes the mic in Disco Inferno’s face, before Sting comes out and makes the save. The crowd chanted boring “sh**” and various other remarks at this segment, which lasted a good 20 minutes.

AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels defeated Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray.

Velvet Sky comes out and asks if some of the Knockouts in the company are insane with the accusations made against her, from Winter saying that she is jealous, to Karen Jarrett accusing her of being Angle’s mistress, to ODB attacking her and said that she has heard that ODB is in the building tonight. ODB came out and said that she was fired 6 months into her multi-year deal with TNA Wrestling, because she was told it was because she didn’t have the right look, however Velvet interrupted and said that ODB’s dispute with TNA’s management has nothing to do with her. Velvet said that she has been working her butt off in the company day after day, however ODB tells her to shut up. ODB says that Velvet is pathetic and an embarrassment to the TNA Knockouts Division and that is why Angelina Love left her and is now with Winter, as Velvet starts to cry. Velvet attempts to leave the ring, however ODB attacks her and starts choking Velvet. Security come out to break it up, however ODB breaks away and attacks Velvet again. Security finally manage to get things under control.

Eric Young is in the back, looking for Gunner and goes into the bathroom, where he finds him, however as Gunner attempts to hit Young, he is stopped by Young who says that he might have accidentally taken Gunner’s belt and that he is sorry and that he wants to make it up to him by laying down in the ring. Gunner says that if he doesn’t lay down, then he will be put down.

Jeff Jarrett (w/Karen Jarrett) defeated Matt Morgan. Scott Steiner helped Jarrett to win after Karen Jarrett distracted the referee and Steiner hit a Flatliner on Matt Morgan.

Eric Bischoff comes out and says that he loves the TNA Impact Wrestling fans and that last week he had a successful meeting with Mick Foley and members of The Network. Bischoff says that he convinced the reps that Mick Foley is not qualified to be the leader of Impact Wrestling and there is only one man that can do that, Hulk Hogan. Hogan comes out and said all it took was for a good old fashioned sit down from Bischoff and that the network representatives realised that his genius is second to none and that he is now back in the saddle and it is clear sailing from now on. Hogan says that what Bischoff did last week by taking apart the TNA X-Division was great, until Mick Foley comes out.

Hogan gets on the mic and says that Mick Foley was not invited, however Foley said that he didn’t need to be, as he is a network executive and all that Hogan accomplished, was making the network angry and when Hogan left, Foley showed them how the TNA X-Division helped to put TNA Wrestling on the map, so not only will TNA’s X-Division stay, but it will soar to new heights. Bischoff says that Foley’s words may or may not be correct, however The Network has nothing to do with the PPV. Foley says that The Network is where you promote the PPV, so The Network are everywhere. Hogan says that he still has pull around here, so he wants to have TNA’s X-Division Champion, Abyss take on Mick Foley.

Brian Kendrick, Max Buck, Jeremy Buck and Amazing Red come out and Kendrick starts talking all biblical and philosophical stuff and says that they are there for good, however Hogan says that Kendrick needs to just shut up and leave. Kendrick says that Hogan is a cripple and that he wants to take Mick Foley’s place and face Abyss, to which Hogan allows to happen and says that Kendrick’s blood is on the hands of Mick Foley.

Mickie James defeated Winter (w/Angelina Love).

Abyss (c) defeated Brian Kendrick.

Eric Young defeated Gunner to become the new TNA TV Title Champion. Eric Young laid down, however as Gunner went for the pic, Young hit a small package and picked up the win.

Kurt Angle defeated Rob Van Dam.

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