Dixie Carter

Dixie CarterTNA Wrestling President

General Info.
Real Name: Dixie Carter-Salinas
Wrestling On-Screen Debut: Aug. 2009
Wrestling Theme Song: "The Man in Me" by Goldy Locks
Birthday: Oct. 6, 1964 (48-years-old)
Resides In: Nashville, Tennessee
Wrestling Career Highlights::
  • Was appointed president of TNA Wrestling in the spring of 2003 after being contacted by a booking agency that a wrestling company was having financial issues. Her parents, owners of the Dallas-based Panda Energy International energy company, backed the company by purchasing 70%+ controlling stake in the promotion for $250,000
  • Carter was mostly a force behind-the-scenes for much of the early part of her work with TNA but became an occasional on-air figure during late-summer 2009
Personal Life: Married to Serg Salinas, who himself has also made occasional appearances on-screen in TNA. The couple have two children together
Social Media: Facebook l Twitter @TNADixie

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