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General Info.
Real Name: Kurt Steven Angle
Wrestling Debut: Oct. 15, 1998
Wrestling Theme Song: "Gold Medal" by Tha Trademarc
Birthday: Dec. 9, 1968 (44-years-old)
Height/Weight: 5'10/240 lbs.
Billed From/Resides In: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Major Title Reigns:
  • WWE Championship (4)
  • WWE World Heavyweight Championship
  • WCW Championship
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship (5)
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • WWE Tag Team Championship
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship (2)
  • TNA XDivision Championship
  • WWE European Championship
  • WWE Hardcore Championship
Wrestling Career Highlights:
  • 2000 King of the Ring winner
  • 2007 & 2009 King of the Mountain
  • Became WWE's fifth Grand Slam Champion on Oct. 20, 2002 after he won the European Championship on Feb. 8, 200, the Intercontinental Championship on Feb. 27, 2000, the WWE Championship on Oct. 22, 2000, and the WWE Tag Team Championship on Oct. 20, 2002. In addition, he has also won the Hardcore Championship on Sept. 10, 2001 and the World Heavyweight Championship on Jan. 10, 2006.
  • Became WWE's 10th Triple Crown Champion on Oct. 20, 2002 having won the Intercontinental Championship on Feb. 27, 200, the WWE Championship on Oct. 22, 2000, and the WWE Tag Team Championship on Oct. 20, 2002
  • Became TNA's second Triple Crown Champion on Aug. 12, 2007 having won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on June 17, 2007, and both the TNA World Tag Team Championship and X Division Championship on Aug. 12, 2007
  • Became the first-ever five-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion on Aug. 7, 2011. In addition, he has held the championship a combined days of 463, more than any other champion
  • The first person to ever win all four of the major World Championships: WWE Championship, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, the WCW Championship, and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship
  • The first person to win both the King of the Ring and the King of the Mountain
Other Career Highlights:
  • 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Has wanted to start an acting career following pro wrestling. Has appeared in several independent movies starting in 2009, such as End Gmae, Death from Above and River of Darkness
  • Has appeared on severtal television series, such as The Tonight Show, game show The Weakest Link, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Made on MTV, Spike TV's Pros vs Joes, and ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Personal Life:
  • Divorced from Karen Smedley, best known as Karen Angle/Jarrett in TNA Wrestling, in Sept. 2008. The couple married in Dec. 1998 and had daughter Kyra, born Dec. 2, 2002, and son Kody, born Oct. 26, 2006
  • TNA Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett reportedly was romantically linked with Angle's then-wife while the couple were separated. TNA President Dixie Carter suspended Jarrett as a result. An angle based on Jarrett and Angle's once real-life feud played out during their rivalry in TNA from 2010-2011. Jarrett married Karen on Aug. 21, 2010.
  • Engaged actress Giovanna Yannotti on Sept. 30, 2010. The two had their first girl together named Giuliana Marie Angle on Jan. 22, 2011
  • Has had several encounters with police for alcohol-related issues: he reportedly drove under the influence on Sept. 28, 2007. Angle reportedly failed a sobriety test but refused a blood test. Angle denied the charges. He later was cleared of all charges on Sept. 9, 2008; on Mar. 25, 2011, Angle was arrested in Grand Forks, North Dakota for "being in control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated." He also failed another sobriety test. Angle pled guilty to the charges and was sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation, a chemical dependency evaluation, nearly $500 in fines, and a ten day suspended jail sentence; on Sep. 4, 2011, he was arrested again in Virginia for driving under the influence. He later posted a $2,000 bail. Angle again denied the charges but state police revealed that he had a BAC of 0.09, above the state's 0.08 limit. A second test at the police station showed he had a BAC of 0.06, thus the charges were dropped. Angle, however, was charged with reckless driving. On Nov. 8, 2011, he pled no contest and was fined $1,500
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