TNA XDivision Championship

Last updated: 10/14/12
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Rob Van Dam10/14/12Phoenix, AZBound for Glory--
Zema Ion7/8/2012Orlando, FLDestination X• Austin Aries stripped himself of the title as per the agreement he made with Hulk Hogan to drop the title in favor of receiving a TNA World Title shot
• Ion won the title after winning of series of matches and ultimately advancing to a four-way Ultimate X match which featured Kenny King, Sonjay Dutt & Mason Andrews
Austin Aries9/11/2011Orlando, FLNo Surrender--
Brian Kendrick7/10/2011Orlando, FLDestination X--
Abyss5/16/2011Orlando, FLImpact Wrestling--
Kazarian (4)1/9/2011Orlando, FLGenesis--
Jay Lethal (6)12/7/2010Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!--
Robbie E.11/7/2010Orlando, FLTurning Point--
Jay Lethal (5)9/25/2010Rahway, NJHouse Show--
The Amazing Red (3)9/23/2010New York City, NYHouse Show--
Jay Lethal (4)9/6/2010Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!--
Douglas Williams (2)5/16/2010Orlando, FLSacrifice--
Kazarian (3)4/18/2010St. Charles, MOLockdown• Kazarian defeats Homicide and Shannon Moore in a three-way title for the vacant title in a Steel Cage Match.
VACATED4/18/2010St. Charles, MOLockdown• Williams is stripped of the title due to travel issues that prevented him from attending the PPV due to the aftermath of the volcanic eruptions in Iceland.
Doug Williams1/19/2010Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!• Williams cashes in Rob Terry's Feast or Fired contract to win the title.
The Amazing Red (2)10/5/2009Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!--
Samoa Joe (4)8/16/2009Orlando, FLHard Justice--
Homicide6/25/2009Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!• Homicide was able to cash in his Feast or Fired contract to eventually win the title.
Suicide3/15/2009Orlando, FLDestination X• Suicide defeats the champion, Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal, and Consequences Creed in an Ultimate X to win the title.
• The Suicide character was played by the Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian.
Alex Shelley1/11/2009Charlotte, NCGenesis• Shelley defeats Sabin in a tournament final to win the vacant title.
VACATED12/7/2008Orlando, FLFinal Resolution• Due to interference in a match pitting Young and Bashir, the title is later returned to Bashir.
• After another match between Bashir and Young on Dec. 7, the title is declared vacant.
Eric Young11/10/2008Orlando, FLFinal Resolution--
Sheik Abdul Bashir9/14/2008Oshawa, Ontario, CanadaNo Surrender• Bashir won the title after defeating the champion and Consequences Creed in a three-way-dance.
Petey Williams (2)4/15/2008Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!• Williams won the title after he cashed in his Feast or Fired contract against Lethal.
Jay Lethal (3)2/10/2008Greenville, SCAgainst All Odds• The title was defended in a Six Man Tag Match pitting Devine with Team 3D against the Motor City Machine Guns and Lethal.
• The person who got the fall on the other team was to win the title, which Lethal did.
Johnny Devine1/21/2008Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!--
Jay Lethal (2)9/9/2007Orlando, FLNo Surrender--
Kurt Angle8/12/2007Orlando, FLHard Justice• Angle was able to defeat Joe in a winner-takes-all-match where Angle's World Championship, Joe's X Division Championship, and Joe's TNA Tag Team Titles were all on the line.
• Angle became the first person in TNA history to hold all the active titles after this bout.
Samoa Joe (3)6/18/2007Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!• Joe wins the title after defeating Lethal and Sabin in a three-way-dance.
Jay Lethal (1)6/17/2007Nashville, TNSlammiversary--
Chris Sabin (4)1/14/2007Orlando, FLFinal Resolution• Sabin won the title after defeating the champion and Lynn in a three-way-dance.
Christopher Daniels (3)11/6/2006Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!• Daniels won the title after defeating the champion and Chris Sabin in a three-way-dance.
AJ Styles (6)10/24/2006Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!• Styles was able to defeat the champion after a three-round Fight for the Right Tournament.
Chris Sabin (3)10/22/2006Plymouth Township, MIBound for Glory--
Senshi (Low-Ki)6/19/2006Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!• Senshi defeats the champion and Sonjay Dutt in a three-way.
Samoa Joe (2)4/10/2006Orlando, FLTNA iMPACT!--
Christopher Daniels (2)3/12/2006Orlando, FLDestination X• Daniels defeats Joe and AJ Styles in a three-way Ultimate X Match to win the title.
Samoa Joe (1)12/11/2005Orlando, FLTurning Point--
AJ Styles (5)9/11/2005Orlando, FLUnbreakable• Styles defeats the champion and Samoa Joe in a three-way-dance.
Christopher Daniels (1)3/13/2005Orlando, FLDestination X• Daniels defeated the champion, Ron Killings, and Elix Skipper in a four-way-match.
AJ Styles (4)1/16/2005Orlando, FLFinal Resolution• Styles defeated the champion and Chris Sabin in a three-way-dance.
Petey Williams (1)8/11/2004Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #106• Williams won a 23-man Gauntlet for the Gold tournament.
• In the finals, Williams defeated Amazing Red.
Frankie Kazarian (2) & Michael Shane (2)7/28/2004Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #104• Both men become co-champions after they both grabbed the belt at the same time during an Ultimate X Match involving the champion.
AJ Styles (3)6/9/2004Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #97--
Frankie Kazarian3/31/2004Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #87• Kazarian defeated Amazing Red for the vacant title
VACATED3/25/2004Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #86• Sabin is stripped of the title due to suffering an injury.
Chris Sabin (2)1/7/2004Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #75• Sabin won his second title reign by defeating the champion, Christopher Daniels, and Lowi Ki in a four-way bout.
Michael Shane8/20/2003Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #58• Shane wins the title after defeating the champion and Kazarian in a 3-way-dance.
Chris Sabin (1)5/14/2003Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #44• Sabin wins the title in a 3-way-dance against the champion and Jerry Lynn
• On May 25, Sabin defeated WWA International Cruiserweight Champion Jerry Lynn, Johnny Swinger, and Frankie Kazarian in a four-way match to unify the X Division Title and the WWA International Cruiserweight Title.
The Amazing Red4/30/2003Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #42
Kid Kash2/12/2003Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #31--
Sonny Siaki12/11/2002Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #24--
Jerry Lynn (2)11/6/2002Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #19--
AJ Styles (2)10/23/2002Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #17--
Syxx-Pac (Sean Waltman)10/9/2002Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #15• The former DX member defeated AJ Styles, Tony Mamaluke, The S.A.T., and Ace Steel in a six-man Ladder Match to win the vacant title.
VACATED10/9/2002Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #15• The title was vacated due to Lynn suffering an injury
Jerry Lynn8/21/2002Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #11• Lynn won the match in a three-way Ladder Match against the champion and AJ Styles.
Low-Ki8/7/2002Nashville, TNTNA Weekly PPV #8• Low-Ki won the title in a three-way-dance featuring the champion and Jerry Lynn.
AJ Styles (1)6/19/2002Birmingham, ALTNA Weekly PPV #2• Styles won the inaugural X Division Championship in a 4-way match against Psicosis, Jerry Lynn, and Low-Ki.