TNA Turning Point 2011 Results: Jeff Hardy vs Jeff Jarrett

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Eric Bischoff is backstage on the phone, yelling at his wife about their son Garrett. Bischoff say she’s going to send Garrett back to her in a bag on Thursday. Bully Ray walks in and he’s upset, talking about how the table spot didn’t affect Abyss. Ray says things with Hulk Hogan are going wrong and things with Abyss are going wrong, so Bischoff needs to fix things. Ray can’t get over the fact that Abyss got right up when they put him through a table. Bischoff and Ray walk off together.

– We get a promo for tonight’s Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett

We go to the ring and out first comes Jeff Jarrett with Karen. Jeff Hardy is out next and he’s wearing a new helmet to the ring. Hardy enters the ring and the bell sounds, they go right at it. Hardy hits a quick Twist of Fate and pins Jarrett for the squash win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Jarrett is pissed and wants the referee to re-start the match. The bell sounds again as Jarrett lays Hardy out and here we go. Jarrett beats Hardy around the ring as the crowd chants for him. Hardy comes back with a forearm shot and a kick to the corner. Hardy runs into an elbow in the corner and Jarrett turns things around. Jarrett slides out to the floor and hits his trademark right hand. Jarrett comes off the second rope with a right hand and lays Hardy out again. Another right hand off the ropes and Jarrett plays to the crowd.

Jarrett comes off the ropes again but Hardy catches him and drops him on his face for a 2 count. Hardy goes up top but Jarrett knocks him down to the mat. Jarrett keeps whipping Hardy into the corners and running his mouth. Hardy fights back with right hands but Jarrett locks on a sleeper hold. Hardy backdrops Jarrett. They get to their feet and trade right hands. Hardy with a forearm shot and a roll-up for 2. Hardy blocks the Stroke. Jarrett blocks the Twist of Fate and goes for the Figure Four. Hardy blocks that and rolls Jarrett up for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Jarrett grabs a chair and runs up the ramp, hitting Hardy in the head with it. Jarrett beats Hardy back to the ring and bullies Earl Hebner in. Jarrett hits Hardy with The Stroke and forces Hebner to make the count. Hebner counts the pin but Hardy kicks out at 2. Hardy rolls Jarrett up again and pins him for the third time.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

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