TNA Wrestling Against All Odds Results: Bully Ray vs DVon

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– Christy Hemme catches Brother Ray backstage and wants his opinion on Devon not bringing his sons to the match. Ray tries to make Hemme cry and says he loves making women cry because it shows how weak they are. Ray gets in Hemme’s face and rips on Devon and his sons. Ray says Devon’s sons were born through their mother’s ass. Ray says he is going to beat Devon bad and hopes to beat his kids too. Ray walks off and we get highlights of the Team 3D feud.

Street Fight: Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon

We go to the ring and out first comes “Bully” Ray. Ray walks off to the backstage area as his music plays and just disappears. Devon’s music hits next and out he comes, running to the ring. Devon doesn’t see Ray. Ray comes up from behind and tries to attack but Devon decks him. The bell rings and they go at it outside of the ring.

It’s a brawl all over the fan barrier at ringside. A drink of some kind gets smashed in Ray’s face. Devon with more right hands. Ray rolls back into the ring. Devon goes under the ring and brings a chair and other items into the ring. Devon knocks Ray down with a kendo stick and hits him in the back with it a few times. Ray drops to his knees and pleads. Ray hits Devon and gets up. Devon responds with a kendo shot to the head and Ray goes down. Devon puts Ray’s head in between a chair and grabs the chain. Devon stands over Ray and out come his sons. Devon tells them to get back away from the ring and go to the back. Ray gets up and cracks Devon in the back with a chair.

Ray taunts Devon’s sons and spits at them. Ray hits Devon with a trash can lid and now puts his head in between a chair. Devo grabs the chain and Devon’s sons rush the ring to stop him. Ray pushes them off and threatens them with the chain. Devon comes from behind and decks Ray with right hands and a clothesline. Another clothesline and a big back drop. One of his sons pick up a trash can and nails Ray in the head with it. Devon slams Ray. Devon’s sons hold Ray’s legs in the air as Devon goes up top and hits What’s Up. Devon’s sons lead him and the crowd in calling for the tables. They go under the ring and bring a table in the ring. Devon heads back in the ring while his sons look on from the outside. Devon sets up the table but Ray hits him with a low blow from behind. Ray goes outside and brings a pair of handcuffs in.

Ray cuffs Devon to the corner and starts yelling at him. Devon’s sons run in to help him. Ray lays one of them out. The other son attacks Ray with a bunch of forearm shots. Ray lays him out also and covers him for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brother Ray

– After the match, Devon looks on at his sons while still handcuffed to the corner. Ray taunts Devon and chases Earl Hebner off with a trash can. Ray and Devon exchange words. Ray spits at Devon. Ray goes to hit Devon with a chair but stops in mid-air. Devon begs for security to come and help his sons. Devon begs Ray not to hit his sons with the chair. Ray drops the chair. Ray puts one of Devon’s sons on the table, calling Devon weak. Ray powerbombs Devon’s son through the table as Devon looks on helpless. Ray drops down in Devon’s face and calls him weak again. Ray leaves the ring as Devon cries for his kids. An official checks on Devon’s sons as TNA crew members come down to cut the handcuffs off him. Devon is freed and rushes over to check on his sons with TNA officials. Devon’s son is placed on a stretcher as Taz and Tenay play up the seriousness of the situation. A very sad Taz: “this sucks.” Devon’s son is taken out on a stretcher as the crowd applauds. Devon carries his other son out over his shoulder.

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