TNA Wrestling Against All Odds Results: Opening Moments Of PPV

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Mike Tenay and Taz kick off the show looking at the card tonight. They mention Generation Me had travel problems today.

Robbie E and Cookie are now coming out to kick off the show. Robbie demands the referee count to 10 and declare him the winner. The referee starts the count and reaches 10. Robbie E is announced as the winner and the new #1 contender for the TNA X Division Championship. Robbie celebrates with Cookie. As they head up the ramp, Fortune’s music hits and TNA X Division Champion Kazarian is on his way out. Kazarian said Robbie didn’t get the memo because he will defend his title tonight.

Kazarian vs. Robbie E for the TNA X Division Championship is up first and next.

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  1. DARSHAN2COOL62 says:

    plz call undertaker to TNA and make a match.. it will be bone chilling wen bell rings undertaker enters to TNA.. WIT HOLLYWOOD HOGAN…. TTTTTTTTNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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