TNA Wrestling Gets Bad PPV News On The Day Of Slammiversary

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Just one day removed from us announcing the grim buyrate projections for the WWE Over the Limit pay-per-view in the United States (about 65,000 buys) — the worst PPV numbers in WWE history aside from the ECW-branded December to Dismember back in 2006 — TNA Wrestling also received bad news for last month’s PPV event, on a day where they will be holding their TNA Slammiversary pay-per-view tonight, no less.

According to early projections, the May pay-per-view Sacrifice scored yet another near-record low by drawing buys in the 7,000 range, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. While the number is not official, nor will the official number be released since TNA is not a public company, this is below from the 8,000-15,000 buys TNA scores on average for their typical pay-per-views. This is not the news TNA wants to hear on the day of one of their biggest PPV events.

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