TNA Wrestling Destination X: Generation Me vs Eric Young & Shark Boy

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We go backstage where SoCal Val is with Austin Aries. He talks about how Val looks and then cuts an awesome promo on the fans and his match tonight where a TNA contract will be up for grabs.

Generation Me vs. Eric Young and Shark Boy

We go to the ring and out comes Max and Jeremy Buck for the next match. TNA TV Champion Eric Young is out next followed by his partner, the returning Shark Boy. Lots of stalling from Shark Boy and EY’s team to start the match. They finally go at it with Shark Boy and Jeremy Buck starting things out. Buck takes it to the corner and works Shark Boy over. Shark dodges a charge in the corner and stomps Buck down to the mat and mimics Steve Austin. Lots of back and forth action. EY comes in as does Max Buck. Lots of back and forth action between these two also. EY finally kicks Buck int he head from a springboard and hits an atomic drop.

Shark Boy comes in and does the Bite to Buck. They go to the floor and Shark Boy gets double teamed. They bring it back in the ring for more double teaming as the referee is distracted by Young. It comes back down to Shark getting double teamed again. Shark counters a clothesline and hits a neckbreaker on Jeremy. Lots of back and forth action in this one. EY comes back in and goes at it with Max. Max with a close 2 count. Max puts EY on his shoulders while Jeremy goes to the top. Shark knocks Jeremy down and saves EY. EY hits a wheelbarrow drop on Buck for the pin and the win.

Winners: Shark Boy and Eric Young