TNA Wrestling Hardcore Justice Results: Sting vs Kurt Angle (World Hvt Championship)

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– JB is backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle says it’s a very important night for him tonight. Angle says he won’t lose and that’s that. We go to a promo video for tonight’s main event showing the events leading up to it.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Kurt Angle vs. Sting

Out first comes Kurt Angle followed by the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting. Jeremy Borash does formal ring introductions as we get ready to go. The bell rings and they lock up. Sting goes to work on Angle’s arm. Angle turns it around and works on Sting’s arm now. They go to the corner and break. Another lock up. Angle with a headlock takedown this time. Back and forth off the ropes as the crowd chants for both men. Sting takes Angle down now and works on the arm. Sting with a shoulder block. Angle catches Sting with a hip toss and then an arm drag, taking him back to the mat. Angle continues to focus on Sting’s arm. Sting kicks Angle’s knee out from under him after a hard whip into the corner. Sting does the same thing again and this time stomps on Angle some more.

Angle catches Sting with an elbow and attempts to make a comeback. Sting catches Angle and backdrops him over the top, down to the floor. Sting comes to the floor and slams Angle into the barrier and then the steel steps, twice. Sting throws Angle into the barrier again and finally brings it back in the ring. Sting comes in but Angle catches him with a Samoan drop. Angle with a chinlock now. Angle keeps Sting grounded on the mat. Sting finally breaks out with elbows but Angle takes it to the corner. Angle whips Sting hard into both corners but Sting comes running out with a big clothesline. Angle goes for a suplex but Sting drops him with a back elbow. Sting kicks Angle and DDT’s him for another 2 count.

Sting boots Angle in the face but Angle hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Sting blocks it and hits the inverted DDT for a 2 count. Angle comes back and hits a series of German suplexes. 2 count by Angle. Angle goes up top but misses the moonsault. Sting hits an Angle Slam on Angle and covers him for a 2 count. Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock and locks it in. Angle makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Sting hits a big splash in the corner. He goes for another but Angle moves. Angle hits an Angle Slam but Sting kicks out at 2. Angle charges in the corner but Sting moves and he hits the ringpost. Sting pulls Angle back and applies the ankle lock, using one of Angle’s moves again. Angle breaks the hold and tackles Sting. Angle applies the Deathlock on Sting and locks it in.

The hold is broken but Angle goes back to work on Sting’s back. Angle hits another series of German suplexes. Sting fights off the last one and scoops Angle on his shoulders. Sting for a slam but Angle rolls out and applies the ankle lock on Sting. Sting breaks the hold and rolls Angle up for a 2 count. Sting gets trapped between Angle and the ref. Angle goes for an enziguri but it misses Sting and knocks the referee out. Sting and Angle also both go down. Hulk Hogan comes walking out with a steel chair.

Hogan enters the ring and goes to hit Sting with the chair. Angle grabs it and Hogan flees the ring. Angle cracks Sting in the back with the chair and hits an Angle Slam. The referee gets up and counts to three to give Angle the win and the title.

Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle

– After the match, Hogan stares at the ring from the ramp looking pissed. Angle grabs his World Title belt and stares back at Hogan. Hardcore Justice goes off the air with Sting down on the mat and Hogan staring back down at the new World Heavyweight Champion.

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  1. Washingtonderrick572 says:

    please tell me kurt hasn’t sided with immortal.because it looks like mr.anderson is on his way out of the group.kurt doesn’t need them.none of those wrestlers need hogan and bischoff except steiner and bully ray.bully ray throws everyone into a match except himself.gunner’s career is on a roll.abyss needs to get now it will be sting vs angle vs anderson for the belt.anderson shouldn’t get anymore title shots.put christopher daniels,pope and crimson in the title picture.joe need to lose weight and focus.this one man army thing didn’t work before and it’s still not working.just keep ‘the father time clique’ hulk hogan and ric flair out of the ring.they have no business trying to relive the 80’s.lock the door to the hardy girls.their time is up.let them go to ring of honor to learn how to wrestle.

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