TNA Wrestling Heat On Jeff Hardy For Spoiling Return

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There is heat on Jeff Hardy right now for spoiling his return to tonight’s Impact Wrestling tapings in Huntsville. His return was scheduled to be a surprise, but after he revealed his return on Twitter, the TNA Wrestling website went ahead and confirmed the news. reports that many within the company are wondering if that was Hardy’s way of blasting the company for releasing his brother over the weekend.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think everybody new he was on his way back to TNA, There was reports before Jeff Hardy announced it on twitter that he was going to make his return to TNA, Just last week other websites said that Jeff Hardy was going to make his TNA return next Thursday. So I dont believe that Jeff Hardy was the one who spoiled it. If TNA wanted it to be kept a secret they should have kept there mouth shut about it. and dont run there mouth back stage because word gets around on the internet like Lindsey Lohan does partying at a night club and getting arrested.

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