TNA Wrestling ‘iMPACT!’ Rating Builds On Last Week’s High Number

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I have yet to receive the actual household rating, but last night’s highly anticipated and promoted episode of TNA Wrestling iMPACT! brought in an average viewership of 1.95 million viewers, up from last week’s 1.93 million viewers by 20,000 viewers. The company was able to build on the ratings from the week prior with highly promoted show last night.

That will now put it as the third highest rated show in the program’s history, right behind the Monday night show on January 4th and the show coming out of Bound for Glory in October of 2010. As always, what should be interesting to see if the show had enough of a cliff-hanger of Fortune turning babyface that viewers will want to tune in next week and possibly even build on that rating. I will post more here at as soon as I get more data. Stay tuned.

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