TNA Wrestling Impact Results (10/20/11): Gail Kim Debuts, TNA World Title Match Set

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The following is the TNA Wrestling Impact results for October 20, 2011, which was taped this past Tuesday from Orlando, Florida and features the aftermath of Sunday’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view.

We see a video package recapping the history of Evil Hulk Hogan as he stole TNA out from under Dixie Carter, and then the events of Bound For Glory as Sting defeated Hogan to regain control of TNA for Dixie, and Hogan’s subsequent face turn. We go to the ring where Sting comes out for the opening promo wearing a Hulk Hogan shirt, and he made a promise to bring Impact Wrestling back to Dixie and set Hulk Hogan back on the straight and narrow as the icon who defines wrestling. He had to step out of his skin a little bit, but he had to help Hogan do the right thing for the wrestlers, the fans who have supported him for 30 years, and Hulk Hogan, the greatest wrestler of all time, came home. Sting asks Hogan to come out to the ring, and the Hulkster himself comes out once again wearing the red and yellow. So after everything, they’re suddenly best friends? Hogan is walking a little gingerly on his way to the ring, and he gives Sting a big hug as the crowd chants “welcome back” at him. Hogan admits that for the last year, he’s been wrong and he thanks the fans. He had a couple of rough years and he gives Eric Bischoff credit with helping to get his life back together, so he followed Eric’s lead in the wrestling business and he now realizes how wrong he was. He’s not blaming Bischoff because he was the one who made the choices he made, but he wants to give Sting credit for putting up with his crap for a year, he stayed true to the fans and Impact Wrestling, and now Hulk Hogan is back and he wants to know what we’re gonna do when the Hulkster and Sting run wild on us. Sting beat him fair and square in the middle of the ring, and he’ll never forget what Sting did for him.

Sting now asks Dixie Carter to come join him, and she makes her way down the ramp as we go to commercial.

Okay, we’re back and Sting says it’s a time to celebrate, but that doesn’t erase how Sting tried to tell her about Hogan 18 months ago and she didn’t listen. Dixie gave Sting a home in TNA and he’s glad, but now Dixie needs to surround herself with sincere people who have the best interests of the fans and wrestlers in mind because there’s no room for error anymore. Dixie apologizes because they were right all along and she didn’t listen to them. Her place isn’t in the ring, it’s making sure it’s the best it can be, and this last year has made her want to fight harder than ever before to make it the best wrestling company in the world. She’ll spend a lot more time back at headquarters to do this, so she appoints Sting the General Manager or Commissioner or whatever they’ll call it so he can run the day to day stuff because she needs his help to turn things around. Sting says he’ll do it, and she thanks him and the fans again.

Wait a minute, Kurt Angle’s music hits and the man who is inexplicably still the World Champion comes walking down the aisle with a big smile on his face. We’ll find out what’s on his mind after…this commercial break!

Okay, we’re back again and Angle mockingly greets Sting and Dixie Carter even though they expected Robert Roode to be standing in his spot. Dixie may be back in charge and have given Sting control over the company, but he’s going to do what he does best, and that’s represent the company as the champion. They spent weeks making Bobby Roode look great, interviewed his family and everything, but Angle made him look like a loser because he’s the better man. The Beer Money music hit and Roode powerwalks down the aisle and he’s aghast that Kurt Angle, the Olympic Champion, had to screw Robert Roode by using the ropes to beat him. He spent 13 years working toward the goal of winning the title only for Angle to screw him in the end. Sting tries to make a rematch tonight, but Angle reveals that he had Hogan and Bischoff put a stipulation in the contract that Roode would only get one shot at the title. He goes to use James Storm’s catchphrase on Roode, but Storm cuts him off and uses it himself, then makes his way to the ring and…you gotta be kidding me, another commercial break?

Okay, James Storm introduces himself to Angle and asks him if the contract Angle signed saves him from having to wrestle Storm. Angle screwed the fans and Impact Wrestling and especially Bobby Roode at Bound For Glory, and with all the screwing he’s been doing, he screwed James Storm as well and now we have a problem. Storm knows a man who can fix the problem, and says that since he and Sting both wear sunglasses indoors, and since Bobby Roode can’t get another title shot, and since the fans want to see a title match here tonight- wait, Angle cuts him off and says Storm needs to stop drinking on the job because there’s ten guys ahead of him in line. Sting shuts Angle up and says that tonight, Angle is going to defend the World Title against James Storm. Roode says he just remembered his partner’s line, and he tells Angle that he’s sorry about his damn luck.

Eric Bischoff and Immortal confront Hulk Hogan in the parking lot and says he wants to have a meeting later tonight out in the ring, so if he still has balls after handing them to Sting and Dixie, to face him out in the ring because he has something to get off his chest. It’s our favorite part…COMMERCIAL BREAK!!

Time for our opening match, 45 minutes into the show!

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Tara & Brooke Tessmacher vs Winter & Angelina Love

Angelina and Winter attack before the bell and dump Tara to the floor so they can double team Miss Tessmacher. Winter with a side backbreaker for 2 and then Angelina comes in with an elbowdrop for 2. Angelina misses a crossbody out of the corner and Tessmacher makes the hot tag, allowing Tara to come in and clean house. She nearly breaks Winter in half with a clothesline, then wraps her t-shirt around Winter’s neck and tosses her across the ring. She gets a spinning slam for 2, Tara makes a blind tag and wipes Winter and Angelina out, then Tessmacher comes off the top with a nice flying bodypress for the win.

Winners: Tara & Brooke Tessmacher

The Jarretts arrive at the arena, and then it’s the return of our old friend, the commercial break!

Jeff and Karen Jarrett come out to the ring and Jeff calls Jeffrey Nero Hardy out to the ring to finish what he started last Sunday. He reminds Hardy that he’s been screwing Jarrett for years going back to the first time he no-showed a PPV, so he’ll give Hardy a choice: either drop the microphone, head to the back, and never be seen again, or he can suffer the consequences at the hands of the founder. Jarrett takes his shirt off and awaits Hardy’s decision, and Hardy hesitates a good long time as the fans chant his name before telling Jarrett that regardless of what he thinks, the fans want him there and Jarrett’s the only one still bitching. He thinks it eats Jarrett up the way the fans react to Hardy, and he’ll never be able to light up the crowd the way Hardy can. Jarrett attacks Hardy, but ends up getting his ass kicked by the Charismatic Enigma before security runs in to separate them. They keep breaking away and go back after each other as security again shows how effective they are at doing anything in wrestling. D-Lo Brown and Al Snow come out to help calm the situation, and end up getting in each other’s faces as Jarrett comes in and kicks Hardy in the Nero. Hardy goes down like a ton of bricks, Jarrett kisses his wife, and they walk off as Jeff lays in the ring holding his nether regions.

We go backstage to Kurt Angle, who says that nobody backs Kurt Angle into a corner, and he’s going to destroy James Storm tonight.

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