TNA Wrestling In ‘Complete Chaos’ Over Kevin Nash & Booker T Snubs

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As many of you are well aware of by now, both Booker T and Kevin Nash decided to sign with World Wrestling Entertainment and appeared at last night’s annual Royal Rumble pay-per-view as “surprise” entrants to the match (UPDATE: Kevin Nash noted in a radio interview that he is going to sign w/WWE this week. The contract status of Booker T is unknown still). Of course, to Internet fans, it was hardly a surprise given the rumors that were swirling all weekend long, leading to both Nash and Booker T arriving at a Boston airport on Saturday.

A source close to the company tells me exclusively that TNA Wrestling officials were in “complete chaos” over the situation. I am told that TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter offered Nash a contract and he verbally agreed to it. The plan was for him, Booker T, Sting, Scott Steiner and Kurt Angle to reform the Main Event Mafia at last night’s iMPACT! taping. However, Dixie Carter learned along with the rest of us that both Nash — and Booker T, who was going to follow Nash whether he decided to sign with TNA or WWE — were going to (and did) appear at the Royal Rumble.

At last night’s iMPACT! taping, the company completely re-wrote the show, instead turning Fourtune (AJ Styles, Beer Money and Kazarian) faces against Hulk Hogan (who did not appear on-camera at the tapings last night) and Eric Bischoff’s Immortal faction, and also joining Scott Steiner and Kurt Angle. No mentions of the Main Event Mafia were brought up. At the tapings, Bischoff jabbed both Nash and Booker T on-screen, where he told Kevin Nash to “take the money [at WWE], get a new action figure, dye your hair and do it”. As for Booker T, he said, “who cares what he’s doing?”

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