TNA Wrestling Knockout Sarita Recalls Leaving Home To Become A Top Wrestler

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Years ago, TNA Knockout Sarita left her home in Canada to become a “professional” wrestler in Mexico, where she is known as Dark Angel, as well as an icon of discipline. She discussed her life-changing move during an interview with Milenio Online.

Sarita, who’s real name is Sarah Stock, began wrestling training in December 2001 in her hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. In an effort to improve her skills in the ring, she moved to Monterrey, Mexico in 2003. She packed her suitcase and made the move with little concern for her well-being as she was determined to become an elite wrestler.

(Note – rough Spanish to English translation)

“So I came in a truck from Winnipeg to New Laredo, and from there to Monterrey,” Stock recalls. “I saw a great adventure and something that I needed to do, but to leave my family, to learn a new culture, the language, the challenge to learn Spanish… but the most difficult challenge was how to behave in a culture different from mine.

“I did not bring much money when I arrived to Monterrey. A person who makes my equipment rented several quarters in a building, which is where I stayed. It was something very different for me, as my old house had heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, it was a comfortable house. I lived in the fourth floor, with the shower outside, in the patio, and plenty of cockroaches, small lizards, mice, all of which I had to get accustomed to; it was hard. Those changes were far from easy and to live like this was a shock to me.”

In spite of the difficulties, it never passed through her mind to return home, nor was she fearful.

“My parents taught me if there is something you want, there is always a way to obtain it. I am a woman of challenges and I formulate plans to obtain them,” she said. “I was not scared either. I do not know if it was my youth or the emotion to take on a new adventure. I thought of it as an opportunity to achieve my dream and did not give into fear. I only thought about my desire and passion, not the dangers of what could happen to me.”

At the suggestion of a promoter, Stock began competing while wearing a mask; she also took on a new ring name, Dark Angel. She initially found it difficult to work with the wrestlers in Mexico, as she did not speak Spanish and could not communicate with them throughout the match. On October 17, 2003 she defeated Simply Luscious to win the Lucha Libre Femenil Juvenil Championship. Months later, Stock lost her mask in a forty-five minute mask vs. mask match against Princesa Sujei. Shortly thereafter, she decided to leave Monterrey to move to Mexico City and wrestle for Asistencia Asesoría y Administración. Although Stock began appearing with AAA under the assumption that she would be wrestling, the company had her start out as a ring girl. Stock did not wrestle regularly for AAA, and she stopped appearing for the promotion after a few shows.

Stock signed with Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre in 2004, AAA’s rival promotion. She began competing regularly for CMLL as Dark Angel in the promotion’s newly-rebuilt women’s division, while also competing for various independent promotions in North America and Europe. Sarah was rewarded for her dedication as on July 1, 2005, she debuted at Arena México, “the cathedral of lucha libre.”

She recalls, “I had nerves before appearing, but people responded to me very well and I felt much emotion when the fans recognized me. That match is a great memory and an unforgettable feeling.”

Stock has achieved numerous accolades since then and is considered the face of women’s wrestling in Mexico. Her notoriety in the country led her to TNA Wrestling in 2009, where she reigns as one half of the TNA Knockout Tag Team Champions. She sends a message to the dreamers out there.

“They must see that it is their life and to take advantage of it,” she says. “There will always be somebody who wants to make you feel weak, and do something without requesting permission. There are opportunities in this life and do not waste them to please another person. Trust yourself, you are never behind schedule to follow your dreams.”

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