TNA Wrestling Live Event Results (3/4/11): Kent, Washington

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Thanks to site reader Jerome Wilen for sending along the following notes from the TNA Wrestling live event show on March 4th in Kent, Washington, which took place at the Showare Center:

Meet and greet was about an hour and a half before bell time for only those who bought floor tickets. Don west came out and hyped the crowd with special deals. Only half of the venue was used and was under half full. If I had to throw out a number of people in attendance, I would say maybe 1,000. The crowd was loud and crazy. I had second row ringside. Before the show Ken Anderson signed autographs and several other TNA stars signed autographs and took pictures with the fans. So Cal Val was the MC and ring announcer.

The Hardy’s were the most personable. Jeff shook my hand and Matt put him arm around me when introducing himself.

During intermission Angelina Love and Winter signed autographs as well as Earl Hebner and Brian Hebner signed autographs.

Kazarian def. Brian Kendrick by pin fall

Angelina Love and Winter retained the Knockouts Tag Titles over Madison Rayne and Sarita. (Clean)

Devon def. Hernandez by pin fall

Beer Money and Scott Steiner def. Ink Ink and Jeff Jarrett by submission (Jarrett tapped out to the Steiner Recliner)

AJ Styles def. Matt Hardy by pin fall

Jeff Hardy def. Mr. Anderson by pin fall

Biggest pops:
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Angelina Love and Winter
Beer Money and Steiner
AJ Styles
So Cal Val

Biggest heat:
Jeff Jarrett
Ink Ink
Earl Hebner – You screwed Brett chants were loud. Hebner took off his referee shirt and under it was another shirt that said Your Damn Right I did! – Crowd went nuts!

Mr. Anderson pop and heat was split – he taunted the crowd by saying the Seahawks sucked and praised the Packers. He flipped off the crowd.

Both Beer Money and AJ Styles took beer in cups from fans in the front row, drank out of them and then gave them back to the fans.

This was my second TNA house show. I was very impressed with how fan friendly TNA Wrestling is.

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  1. The Grox says:

    living in Spokane I would have loved to have made it to this show. However a couple things stood in my way. First, there was very little, if any, fan awareness that they were coming into the area at all. Secondly, I happened to be in the hospital (and still am as I write this). Even had I been more aware of the show and not had been in the hospital as I am, I probably still would not have made the trip simply due to the costs of fuel. Money is tight out here in this area; probably one of the largest minimum wage cities around.
    My Favorite Wrestlers that I would have loved to have met would have been the Hardys, and Mr. Anderson.
    Hawks couldn’t do what the Packers did do, and I am glad the packers gave the steelers what they deserved IMO. (of course, had the hawks/steelers game not been so slanted towards the steelers, I still think the outcome would have been different.)

    Anyway, I am glad that our little neck of the woods isn’t totally forgotten, and I hope to be able to catch them the next time they come around the area. I would do everything possible to buy tickets if they were to come to Spokane.

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