TNA Wrestling Live Event Results From Sacramento, California (10/28/11)

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Site contributor Steven B. attended a TNA Wrestling live event in Sacramento, California on Friday and sent in the following notes and results from the house show:

The s how stated with JB coming to the ring and telling us all the spoilers from Macon. Robert Roode comes down to the ring with the title and tell us all to go to hell. James Storm comes down and thanks to DLO Brown and his head nod we got our main event booked of Storm vs Roode.

(1) Brian Kendrick & Kazarian beat Christopher Daniels & Kid Kash (GREAT MATCH)

(2) Crimson beat Samoa Joe — Samoa Joe was WAY over with the Sacramento crowd half way thru the match he flipped us all off and made sure all of us hated him. Didnt matter Sacramento didnt want Crimson shoved down our throats. After this match JB gets in the ring and tells us “Sting” has OKd our Main Event of Storm vs Roode being for the title.

(3) Mickie James beat Winter after Winter fell into Earl Hebner’s arms and Hebner laid a big kiss on her. Mickie hit her finisher and then made out with Hebner on her own.

(4) #1 Main Event Robert Roode beat James Storm. They did a ref bump where Storm superkicked Roode and could of got Storm out for a 10 count but ref finally wakes up after Roode reintroduces the TNA Title to Storms face and he gets the 3.

(5) RVD beats ABYSS funny thing about this match RVD didnt get in the ring to start the match for a long time. Took someone on Twitter to remind me of the storyline of Abyss attacking RVD with Janice costing him TNA title. RVD hit the 5 star for the win.

(6) Bully Ray came out and did a 15 min promo on Sacramento. I swear I would pay a ticket to watch Bully Ray cut a 3 hour promo. He makes an open challenge.

(7) Jeff Hardy beats Bully Ray.

The show was great. There was not as many fans as you would think for TNA’s 1st West coast trip but they have never been here before. For a $50 ticket I was able to meet Kaz, Daniels, Kendrick, Winter, Kash, Abyss, James, and Earl Hebner. I would say TNA is a GREAT value for the $$. If TNA comes to your town GO!

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