TNA Wrestling News: Hopes ‘They’ Save The Company, Nash-Booker T Status

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-Former TNA Wrestling production manager Randy Ricci noted on his blog that a ‘reliable source’ informed him that top brass such as Dixie Carter, Vince Russo and Eric Bischoff are very hopeful that the “They” storyline “saves the company.” Ricci adds that the storyline is being built off Karen and Jeff Jarrett’s ‘real live heat’ with Kurt Angle and that any employee against the angle is considered to be working against the company and thus may be terminated.

-Booker T and Kevin Nash were in negotiations to return to TNA Wrestling as late as last week, but both grapplers instead opted to return to World Wrestling Entertainment. Booker T personally informed company president Dixie Carter that he had declined TNA’s offer. Nash, however, did not. He verbally agreed to return to TNA and was slated to sign a contract this week. Carter discovered Nash bolting for WWE when the news broke online.

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One Response to “TNA Wrestling News: Hopes ‘They’ Save The Company, Nash-Booker T Status”

  1. LordDixon says:

    I’m in amazement at the number of times I hear this “save the company” line. TNA just secured a major deal over seas that the WWE can’t get. Their ratings are consistently higher than the ratings were a year ago, before Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischof. (not by much but higher is higher)

    The product indeed has no energy and this is something I said was going to happen when I started seeing all these behind the scenes skits and the continuation of trying to inject humor and “diversity” (Orlando Jordan) into the product. I said a year ago if people want to watch WWE they are going to watch WWE not a program that thinks they can out WWE the WWE.

    Until the last two weeks they ignored the knockouts which were a huge benefit to them. I don’t think TNA needs “saving,” they just need to focus on what they have going for them and ignore the WWE entirely.

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