TNA Wrestling Offically Re-Brands Company As ‘iMPACT Wrestling’

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As seen during tonight’s TNA Wrestling iMPACT! broadcast on Spike TV, the company has officially re-branded its company to simply “iMPACT Wrestling”. The reason why executives behind the scenes decided to make the change — and have Mick Foley make the official announcement at the iMPACT! tapings from Orlando, Florida — is because the acronym they used, “TNA Wrestling”, had a provocative stigma to it and was changed due to business reasons.

During an interview on SiriusXM’s Right After Wrestling program, Hulk Hogan described more of a behind-the-scenes reason why they decided to make the change: “I personally thought it was a good idea because every time I went in a business meeting, the first five minutes of the business meeting, I would say, ‘I’m with TNA Wrestling.’ And they would look at me. ‘No, it’s not t**s and a**. It’s Total Nonstop Action.’ So, every time I had a business meeting, the first five or ten or 15 minutes, you’d have to explain yourself. For business reasons, I think it’s a great – very good – idea to change.”

Instead, the flagship television program will simply be called “iMPACT! Wrestling” with the catch phrase “wrestling matters here”. The website of TNA Wrestling,, has also gone through a makeover to correspond with the name change. However, it should be noted that as of now “TNA” will still be used, but may end up being dropped in the future as people get used to the new name of the flagship program.

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