TNA Wrestling Removes Vince Russo As Head Writer

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Vince Russo has been removed from his post as the head of TNA’s creative team, according to a report by ProWrestling.NET. Russo has been replaced by Bruce Prichard, who is also in charge of TNA’s talent relations.

Russo is not entirely gone, as he’ll still be one of the senior writers for the show along with writer Matt Conway, but Bruce Prichard will now handle the overall direction of the shows and has the final say on the scripts.

This major change to TNA’s creative structure has been in the works for several months and became official within the past week or so.

There are said to be mixed feelings in the TNA locker room regarding Bruce Prichard getting so much power in TNA so early into his run with the company – but at the same time, Russo’s demotion is sure to make many people happy.

2 Responses to “TNA Wrestling Removes Vince Russo As Head Writer”

  1. Washingtonderrick572 says:

    TNA needs to get rid of hogan,bischoff and flair.they haven’t done anything positive for the business in over 9 years.when will abyss finally speak. 

  2. Jesus M.Burgos says:

     abyss is speaking.

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