TNA Wrestling Sacrifice Results – Ink, Inc vs Mexican America

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TNA’s 2011 Sacrifice pay-per-view opens up with a promo focusing on the World Heavyweight Title. The video shows Rob Van Dam and Sting working out for their main event match tonight. The pyro then goes out on in the iMPACT! zone as we are live from Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay welcomes us to Sacrifice and runs down the top matches. We go to the ring, where Mexican America come down to the ring for the opening contest of the night.

Mexican America vs. Ink Inc.:

Out next comes Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal, who is carrying an American flag. The crowd chants “USA” as we get ready to go. It’s going to be Moore starting things out with Anarquia. They lock up and Anarquia takes control first. Moore turns it around and takes it to the mat. Anarquia with a headlock now and then a shoudler block. Moore with a hip toss after running the ropes. Moore with an armbar now.

More back and forth action. Hernandez distracts the referee while Anarquia hits a cheap shot and keeps Moore on the mat. Anarquia pins Moore’s shoulders to the mat for a 2 count. Moore gets up and takes Anarquia down with a dropkick. Rosita distracts the ref while Hernandez hits Moore from behind and he goes down. Hernandez is tagged in now and beats Moore down to the mat. Hernandez takes it to the corner but Moore drops him and hits a leg drop for a 2 count. Neal is tagged in and they do some double teaming on Hernandez for a 2 count.

Neal works over Hernandez and dodges a splash in the corner. Neal hits a belly-to-belly. Sarita distracts the referee now while Anarquia hits Neal from behind, allowing Hernandez to take control. Anarquia is tagged back in and hits Neal with knees to the gut and knife edge chops. Moore tags himself in and hits a crossbody on Anarquia for 2. Moore slides out of the ring and traps Anarquia in the apron with right hands. Hernandez comes over but Moore moonsaults onto him from the apron. Rosita distracts the referee while Sarita runs in and hits Moore from behind now. Anarquia works over Moore and tags back in Hernandez. Hernandez comes in and holds a torture-rack like move on Moore, drops him and gets a 2 count.

Another tag to Anarquia for some double team action. Hernandez drops Moore and Anarquia covers for a 2 count. Anarquia takes Moore to the top now. Moore fights him off and hits another moonsault. Hernandez comes in and stops Moore’s tag. Moore kicks him in the head and tags in Neal. Neal takes out both Hernandez and Anarquia with clotheslines. They all go back and forth. Hernandez goes for a Border Toss on Neal but he slides out. Moore goes for the Moore-gasm but Rosita gets in and causes interference. Anarquia and Sarita pull Moore to the floor and work him over while Hernandez lays out Neal in the ring for the pin and the win.

Winners: Mexican America

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