TNA Wrestling Sacrifice Results – Tommy Dreamer vs AJ Styles

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We go backstage with JB and Brother Ray. Ray starts insulting Borash. JB asks Ray what his business is with Tommy Dreamer now. Ray goes on and says he can do whatever he wants, because he can. Ray threatens JB again and says AJ Styles represents everything he hates about modern day pro wrestlers. Twitter, video games – not what real wrestlers like Ray does – drink whiskey, listen to rock and roll and drink whiskey. Ray says he’s taken craps bigger than AJ. Ray snatches the mic from Borash and tells AJ he’s lucky he didn’t end his career when Ray powerbombed him from the stage weeks back. Ray says he will do whatever he has to take out Styles and then he’s going to take Fortune out and then take his redneck wife out.

No DQ Match: Tommy Dreamer vs. AJ Styles

We go to the ring and out first comes Tommy Dreamer. Out next comes AJ Styles to a nice pop from the crowd. They come face to face in the ring and get ready to go. They lock up and break it up before anything happens. Another lock up and AJ goes behind Dreamer. Dreamer takes Styles to the mat and they go back and forth. Dreamer begs the ref to get Styles off him but it’s no DQ. They lock upa gain and Dreamer hits a knee to the gut and some right hands.

AJ tries to make a comeback but Dreamer puts an end to it. Dreamer hits Snake Eyes in the corner but only gets a 2 count. Dreamer drops a series of elbow drops for another 2 count. Dreamer with a headlock now. AJ ends up on the apron and comes back in with a clothesline on Dreamer. More clotheslines from AJ and a dropkick. Dreamer is sent out to the floor. AJ slingshots over the top and lands on Dreamer. They fight on the floor now. AJ knocks Dreamer around and slams his head into the apron. Dreamer blocks AJ and slams his head into the ring steps area. Dreamer misses a clothesline but drops AJ near the guardrail. Dreamer lands on it and AJ knocks him off. They fight into the crowd now.

Dreamer gets cut open it looks like and slams AJ into part of the set near the fans. AJ is also cut open by his temple. Dreamer brings it back to the ringside area and goes under the ring for a trash can full of weapons. Dreamer comes in the ring but AJ runs and kicks the trash can into his head. AJ goes under the ring and brings a table into the ring. AJ drops the table onto Dreamer’s head as he tries to get up. 2 count for AJ. The crowd chants for fire. Dreamer and AJ trade shots now. Dreamer gets thrown into the ring post in the corner. The table is propped up on one leg. AJ runs across of it and leaps off onto Dreamer in the corner with a big right hand. AJ drops Dreamer head-first and gets a 2 count.

Dreamer counters and DDT’s Styles for a 2 count. AJ’s leg goes under the ropes and the referee stops the count, in a No DQ match. Dreamer pulls a fork out and tries to stab Styles in the eye with it. AJ blocks it and trades shots with Dreamer. Styles with a big trash can shot to the head of Dreamer. Dreamer goes to drive AJ through the table but AJ hits him with a pele kick. Styles goes for the Styles Clash through a table but Brother Ray runs in and hits AJ from behind with a chain around his fist. Daniels runs down and chases Ray off. Dreamer hits a big DDT on AJ through the table and covers him for the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

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