TNA Wrestling No Surrender Results: Samoa Joe vs Matt Morgan

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Mr. Anderson is backstage with Jeremy Borash. JB asks about he and Anderson being friends. Anderson says they don’t like each other but they have a common bond – they hate Immortal.

Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan

Samoa Joe comes out for the next match followed by his opponent Matt Morgan. They lock up and go at it back and forth. Joe unloads with big chops in the corner. Joe turns it around in the corner and responds with his own big chops and right hands. Morgan with a series of back elbows now. Morgan with a running knee to the face while Joe is down in the corner. Morgan continues the offense as the crowd chants his name. Morgan hits a huge leg drop while Joe is laid on the apron. Morgan rams Joe back into the apron and more right hands. Joe comes back with chops and slams Morgan’s head into the apron. Joe rolls back in the ring and suicide dives out onto Morgan and the floor.

They make their way back in the ring and Joe keeps control in the corner. Morgan ends up on the top and hits a big crossbody for 2. Morgan charges again but Joe rolls out to the floor. Joe drops Morgan’s arm over the top rope after raking his eyes. Joe with a running knee to the face and more stomps. A “Sloppy Joe” chant breaks out. Joe stomps some more and chokes Morgan on the ropes. Morgan finally makes a comeback with right hands but Joe drops him again and leg drops for a 2 count. Joe goes for a submission on Morgan’s hurt arm now. Lots more back and forth. Joe with a big kick to the head but Morgan comes right back with a spinning clothesline.

Morgan drops Joe with more right hands. 2 count for Morgan. Morgan grabs Joe for a choke but Joe puts his thumb in his eyes. Joe connects with a belly-to-belly suplex for a 2 count. Joe goes for the rear naked choke but Morgan tries to block it. Morgan rams Joe back into the corner. Joe goes back to the submission and locks it in, bringing Morgan to the mat. Morgan gets his foot to the ropes but Joe takes a second to break the hold. Joe backs Earl Hebner in the corner. Joe charges Morgan but gets hit with a Carbon Footprint. Morgan covers Joe for the win.

Winner: Matt Morgan

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