TNA Turning Point 2011 Results: Six Person Tag Team Title Match

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We see footage from earlier of Roode and Styles arriving to the building. They will be facing off for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship of the main event of tonight’s PPV later on tonight.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Ink Inc. and Toxxine vs. Mexican America and Sarita

We go to the ring and out first comes Ink Inc followed by the TNA Tag Team Champions Mexican America. Anarquia and Shannon Moore start things out. Back and forth action until Hernandez and Jesse Neal come in. Hernandez shows more power but they come face to face. Neal knocks him down and Moore comes in. Hernandez catches Moore in the air and slams him down. Anarquia comes back in and goes at it with Moore.

Moore with a hurricanrana for a 2 count. Neal comes back in gets beat down by Anarquia. Mexican America continue to own Neal until he comes back with a spear on Hernandez. Toxxine and Sarita come in and go at it. Sarita misses a dropkick and Toxxine dropkicks her. Ink Inc. clear the ring of Hernandez and Anarquia. Moore moonsaults onto the floor and takes them both out. Moore and Toxxine double team Anarquia. They pull his pants down and send him out of the ring. Neal leaps over the top and lands on Hernandez. Rosita goes at it with Toxxine, allowing Sarita to attack from behind with the belt. Sarita covers for the win.

Winners: And still TNA Tag Team Champions, Mexican America

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