TNA Wrestling Victory Road Results: Jarrett Honeymoon, Beer Money

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We go to more footage of Karen and Jeff’s honeymoon. Karen is frustrated with the kids and wants them to hurry and eat so they can go home. Jeff wants a kiss but Karen isn’t having it. One of the kids asks Karen if she’s happy and she’s not. Jarrett says he has one more stop that will make Karen happy. Jeff tells Karen she’s going to get wet but she’s still not thrilled.

We go backstage with Christy Hemme and the TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money. They talk about entertaining the fans and get Christy to do the Beer Money dance but Robert Roode pokes her from behind. They get serious now. Roode says they are the best tag team in the planet. They got here by showing respect to everyone they have faced. Roode says Shannon Moore knows nothing about respect. James Storm says Moore must have grown a set of balls. Storm says Moore will learn what respect is all about tonight. Storm is sorry about Moore’s damn luck. We go to clips of the Beer Money vs. Ink Inc. feud.

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