TNA Wrestling Victory Road Results: Ultimate X Match For XDivision Title

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Ultimate X for the TNA X Division Title: Robbie E. vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Kazarian

We go to the ring and out first comes Robbie E. with Cookie. Out next comes Generation Me – Max and Jeremy Buck. Last out is the TNA X Division Champion Kazarian, representing Fortune. The bell rings and Cookie grabs Kazarian’s leg to start the match while Generation Me takes out Robbie, throwing him to the floor. The Bucks double team Kazarian now with some high flying moves. Traci Brooks comes out to look after Kazarian from Cookie. Kazarian leaps up to the rope in the air but can’t get to the belt. Kazarian finally gets the upperhand on the Bucks but i comes Robbie E. Robbie works Kazarian over in the corner.

Max gets on the cable again but Robbie pulls him down before he gets to the belt. Robbie climbs to the top and grabs the cable. Kazarian comes up on the cable right behind him and they go at it hanging in the air. Kazarian kicks Robbie down and falls on top of him with a leg drop. Jeremy Buck comes in and kicks Kazarian down and plants him on his face. Max comes in and goes up to the cable. Jeremy helps him navigate it but Robbie and Kazarian stop them before he gets the belt. Robbie and Kaz go at it now with right hands.

Kazarian goes for Fade to Black but it’s countered. Kaz dumps Robbie over the ropes and onto the steel steps. Kaz leaps over the ropes and onto the floor where Robbie is. Max runs through the ropes and dropkicks Kaz back. Max wants Jeremy to help him get on the cable again it looks like. Jeremy ends up being moonsaulted by Max onto Robbie and Kaz on the floor. Max calls for Jeremy to hurry and get back in the ring. Kaz makes it back first and goes at it with Max. Max with a dropkick. Max goes up to the cable again as Jeremy keeps Kaz down. Max slides across the cable but Kaz stops him as he gets to the belt. Generation Me double team Kaz some more. Jeremy keeps Kaz down again as Max goes for the cable. He goes back down. Kaz goes for the cable but Jeremy leaps up and blocks him from moving. Kaz dropkicks Jeremy from the cable. Kaz yanks Max off the cable again and hits him with a cutter as he drops down. Robbie comes back in and goes up top as Cookie screams. Robbie jumps out onto the cable but Max grabs his leg and pulls him down. Max with a nice blockbuster off the top.

Max climbs up top but Kaz shoves him and his head goes into the bars on the steel structure. Robbie and Jeremy go at it. Jeremy runs over to Kaz who is still up top. Robbie powerbombs Jeremy as Jeremy suplexes Kaz off the top in a big tower move. Kaz hits Fade to Black on Robbie. Jeremy with a big elbow and spin kick on Kaz takes him down. Jeremy goes for the title now but Kaz kicks him on the turnbuckle. Kaz hits an insane corkscrew exploder move from the top on Jeremy. Kaz goes back up top as Robbie does on the opposite of the ring. They both go out on the cable. Generation Me grabs Robbie’s legs and pull him down. They grab Kaz’s legs now and swing him, pulling him down hard. Jeremy goes for the title now and Max doesn’t like it. Max pulls Jeremy off the turnbuckle and they argue.

Max and Jeremy race for the belt and meet in the middle of the X. They trade slaps and punches while hanging on the cable. Jeremy goes down. Kaz climbs above the cables and comes out on top as Robbie sets up a ladder and climbs it. Kaz walks across the top of the cables and reaches down for the belt. They struggle for it but Kaz grabs it. Kaz kicks Robbie off the ladder and drops down to the mat for the win.

Winner: Kazarian

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